Ministry of Transport: 'Balıkesir Airport Will Be Used When Necessary'

Ministry of Transport Balikesir Airport Will Be Used When Necessary
Ministry of Transport 'Balıkesir Airport Will Be Used When Necessary'

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a statement about Balıkesir Airport, which was built with 76 million liras coming out of the pocket of the citizens, but did not see any aircraft despite its completion in 2020. The ministry said about the unused airport, "it is kept open for use when necessary".

One dayThe Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a statement regarding the unused airports that were built with millions of liras spent.

In the statement made, regarding the Gökçeada Airport in Çanakkale, which was built for 88 million TL, 38 personnel were employed and has not been used for 10 years, “It is obvious that Çanakkale Gökçeada Airport has strategic importance due to its location at the entrance of the Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles Strait. Provides general aviation services, provided that preliminary permission is obtained from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. “Patients are transported between the mainland and the island using ambulance planes, helicopters and state aircraft.”

Hasn't seen any planes since it opened in 2020

Regarding the Central Airport in Balıkesir, which has spent 76 million liras, 51 people have been working and has never been used since its opening in 2020, it was said that "Balıkesir Airport is kept open for use when necessary."

The following statements were also included in the statement: 'Çıldır Airport has no cost to the state and is in operation to generate revenue for the state as per the contract. Gökçeada Airport is operational due to its strategic importance and the connection of Gökçeada with the mainland. Tokat Airport is actively used by passengers. Balıkesir Airport is also kept open to be used whenever necessary. There is no passenger guarantee at any of these airports. By providing a direct income flow from the airports, a budget is provided for other projects.'

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