How to Get Electricity Subscription? What are the Documents Required for Electricity Subscription?

How to Get Electricity Subscription What are the Required Documents for Electricity Subscription?
How to Get Electricity Subscription What are the Required Documents for Electricity Subscription?

When moving to a new house or opening a business, electricity subscription is one of the official works that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Electricity, which is indispensable for maintaining life at home and meeting many basic needs, is also of primary importance for workplaces. At this point, every year millions of internet users ask the question "How to apply for an electricity subscription?" asks the question.

How to Open Electricity Subscription?

When you move to a new house or open a business, you should first check whether the electricity is out. Under normal circumstances, the electricity should be cut off and an official should come and start the process of turning on your electricity. If the electricity is on, then irregularities may occur. We recommend that you make an electricity contract immediately and take action to open an electricity subscription in order not to use it improperly.

You can go to the electricity administrations to open an electricity subscription, or you can apply by uploading the necessary documents to the system via e-government.

How to Cancel Previous Electricity Subscription?

When you leave your old house, you must cancel your electricity sales contract in order to prevent illegal use and to open a subscription on your behalf in your new home. To end the subscription, you must apply to the electricity supply company. When applying, you must specify the date you want to end your electricity contract. In cases where no date is specified, your electricity subscription will be terminated within 3 working days.

What are the Documents Required for Electricity Subscription?

When applying for an electricity subscription, the required documents differ if you are a home owner, tenant or open a business.

Required documents for initial subscription:

If you are applying for a subscription for a new building that did not have an electricity subscription before, you must prepare the following documents.

  • Approved Electricity Project
  • Settlement Report
  • Any Documents Belonging to Property (Deed, Residence)
  • Birth certificate
  • TCIP Policy

Required documents if there is an existing electricity meter:

  • Birth certificate
  • Lease or Deed
  • Document Showing Apartment Installation Number (Invoice, etc.)
  • TCIP Policy
  • IBAN number

Required documents for tenant house electricity subscription:

  • Birth certificate
  • Lease
  • TCIP Policy
  • Installation Number

Required documents for workplace electricity subscription:

  • Birth certificate
  • Title Deed or Lease
  • TCIP Policy (
  • Installation Number (if there is a previous electricity subscription)
  • Tax Sign
  • Signature Circulars
  • Bowl

Making Electricity Subscription over E-Government

In order to open an electricity subscription via e-government, you must first log in to the system with your TR ID number and password. On the next page, you can write the name of the electricity company of the region you are in and click on the "New Application" button in the Individual Subscription Application section.

You can then follow these steps to work:

  • Inquiry Method Selection,
  • Installation Information
  • Tariff Selection
  • Policy and Property Information
  • Contract Shipping and Contact Information
  • Preview
  • Transaction Result

In How Many Days Is Electricity Subscription Open?

“How many days does the electricity subscription open?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions by internet users. When the necessary applications are made, the power-on process begins. If you have made a subscription application, your electricity will be turned on within 3-5 business days following the necessary examinations by the distribution company after the application.

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