Haydarpaşa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at a Rate of 95 percent

Haydarpasa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at Percentage
Haydarpaşa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at a Rate of 95 percent

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure; Stating that the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station will be a first in Turkey and in the world with the Arkeopark-Gar Complex design concept, he said, “The archeological excavations in the platform and platform lines area in Haydarpaşa have been completed at a rate of 95 percent, and the surveying of the remains has begun.”

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made examinations at Haydarpaşa Train Station and Archeopark Area. Karaismailoğlu, who made a statement afterwards, said, “2. Haydarpaşa Train Station, which was started to be built on 30 May 1906 during the reign of Abdülhamit, was completed and put into service on 19 May 1908. Later, in 1979, the Romanian oil-laden tanker Independenta passed through the Bosphorus; In the accident that exploded off the Haydarpaşa Station, 43 crew members died and caused a great fire and environmental disaster that lasted for 27 days, the windows and historical colored stained glasses of Haydarpaşa Station were also shattered. Unfortunately, due to the fire that broke out on November 28, 2010, the roof of our Haydarpaşa Train Station collapsed, the fourth floor became completely unusable and the building was badly damaged.

Haydarpasa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at Percentage

Karaismailoğlu stated that very important progress has been made within the scope of the ongoing works in two stages with the approval of the Monuments Board, under the control of the Istanbul Archeology Museums Directorate with the permission of the Board; He reminded that the complete renovation of the Haydarpaşa Station building, which is the 1st stage, was completed on February 15, 2019. Noting that the 2nd Stage Restoration of Haydarpaşa Train Station Building and Outbuildings is continuing, Karaismailoğlu continued his speech as follows;

“During the work, historical buildings thought to belong to the city of Chalcedon were uncovered. Again, during the excavations carried out by the Istanbul Archeology Museum in and around the platforms, foundations of Ottoman, Roman, early and late Byzantine structures were found. Undoubtedly, Istanbul is a unique city that can attract the attention of all kinds of tourists in terms of cultural tourism, faith tourism, gastronomy, health, sports and congress tourism. Istanbul is one of the most important and richest cities in the world in terms of cultural tourism, especially with its historical assets inherited from civilizations dating back thousands of years. When we look at the world tourism data announced by the World Tourism Organization, we see Istanbul as one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world. There is little we can do for Istanbul, which has hosted civilizations and made a cultural difference. In this context, our main goal is to preserve and present these unique accumulations of Istanbul in the most accurate way. At this point, both the restoration works we carry out at Haydarpaşa Station and the historical values ​​unearthed in the station area will be a first in the world. It is very important for both Istanbul and Turkey that we will share Haydarpaşa with the Arkeopark-Gar Complex design concept. kazanWe see it as I am.”


Haydarpasa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at Percentage

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu emphasized that Haydarpaşa Train Station has a value not only in terms of the history of Istanbul, but also in terms of the history of the whole of Turkey. While the restoration works in Haydarpaşa Station Building continue meticulously, the archaeological excavations in the Train Station continue. In the excavations carried out so far; Extensive architectural remains from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, dating back to the 4th century AD, and approximately 5 thousand coins, glass and ceramics belonging to the periods between the 7th and 12th centuries BC were unearthed. Among the architectural remains, the remains of shops, residences, churches and baths, which are part of the social fabric, were found. The presence of a large number of coins indicates that this region was a commercial center. Archaeological excavations in the platform and platform lines area have been completed at a rate of 95 percent, and surveying of the remains has begun. All artifacts are cleaned and documented, recorded in archives and transferred to the Istanbul Archeology Museum.


Stating that the archaeological excavations naturally cause delays in our project works, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu made the following evaluations;

“However, we could not remain indifferent to these historical cultural values, which are the common heritage of humanity. Considering the prevalence, historical and cultural significance of the finds unearthed during the excavations and the important railway heritage identity of the area; We revised the line and platform layout without damaging the archaeological finds and ensuring the preservation of the historical identity of the area. We decided to develop an archeopark concept and Landscaping Project, which includes the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage identity of the area, the conservation and restoration of the unearthed archaeological remains and the existing historical buildings that are Railway Heritage, and their exhibition to the public. In this direction; We will prepare the concept design, which will be developed in line with the relevant laws and regulations, with a competent and qualified team, in coordination with the relevant institutions, and we will get the approval of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we have reconsidered our work according to the current excavation site data of the area. We revised the line and platform plan. We have canceled the construction of the new Maintenance Workshop Building. We removed the train parking lines from the area and decided to create optimized gare lines in the silos area according to the number and length requirement. According to the new line and platform plan; We will manufacture 3-line entrance, 4 platform lines and 210 passenger platforms with a length of 3 meters, belt line, port connection line and gare lines to be created in the port area to Haydarpaşa Train Station.


Haydarpasa Station Area Archaeological Excavations Completed at Percentage

“Historical Haydarpaşa Train Station; Karaismailoğlu said that the Arkeopark-Gar Complex will be a first in Turkey and the world with its design concept, and that Arkeopark, which sheds light on the history of Istanbul, will become a point of attraction for both Istanbulites and local and foreign tourists with its architecture in harmony with the historical texture of the region and alternative transportation opportunities. . Pointing out that the development of Istanbul's transportation facilities is also very important for the development of tourism activities, Karaismailoğlu gave the following information about the projects that have been implemented and are under construction;

“At this point, with huge transportation investments such as Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train Line, Istanbul Airport, Northern Marmara and Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which have been implemented in the last 20 years, Istanbul's transportation network can be expanded in every mode. We took it to the next level. Again, we are implementing very important projects for the development of the urban rail public transportation infrastructure, so that the residents of Istanbul and the visitors coming to Istanbul have faster and easier transportation within the city. At the moment, our ministry in Istanbul continues our rail system construction works on 7 lines intensively. These; Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Eyüp-Istanbul Airport Metro, Küçükçekmece Halkalı- Başakşehir-Arnavutkoy-Istanbul Airport Metro, Pendik-Tavşantepe-Sabiha Gökçen Airport Metro, Bakırköy (IDO)-Bahçelievler-Güngören-Bağcılar Kirazlı Metro, Başakşehir-Kayaşehir Metro, Altunizade-Ferah Mahallesi-Çamlıca Metro and Kazılçeşme Sirkeci Urban Transportation and project. The total length of these 7 projects is 103,3 kilometers. The length of the rail system network established in Istanbul is 263 kilometers. With the completion of our ongoing projects, this length will increase to 366,3 kilometers and we will have built more than 50 percent of Istanbul's urban rail system as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.”


Karaismailoğlu, who drew attention to another important project completed in Istanbul as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the Çamlıca Tower, which was opened about a year ago, is a work that adds value to the value of Istanbul. Minister of Transport, Karaismailoğlu said, “With the broadcasting activities that started in Çamlıca Tower, we made 1 radio broadcasts from the same point for the first time in the world without interrupting each other's power and mixing frequencies. In addition, the added value of the Camlica Tower, which has become a center followed in the field of radio broadcasting in the world with this success, is not limited to the field of broadcasting. The old 100 antennas that caused electromagnetic pollution and visual pollution were removed and a landmark building was built in their place. kazanyelled. It became the center of attention of many local and foreign tourists and 563 thousand people visited Camlica Tower in a year. I would also like to point out that; we build our projects as unique structures with their architectural aesthetics. We have transformed Istanbul into a very valuable brand city with these giant works and landmarks. At this point, we will continue to evaluate all the projects that we will implement in terms of the development of tourism, and always consider aesthetic and original architecture due to this special meaning they carry. Just as we have not left the fate of our country in anyone's hands for 20 years, we have provided a century-old service in 20 years, I want you to know that we only think about our citizens when we implement our projects. "We will continue to work with all our strength for our nation," he said.

Karaismailoğlu concluded his speech by noting that when the works are completed, Haydarpaşa Train Station will become an important cultural, tourism and transportation center and attraction point for Istanbul and Turkey, both with the restoration works and the archeopark project.

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