Great Interest from Bornovas to İzmir For the Love of Musical

Great Interest from Bornova residents to Izmir Love Music Musical
Great Interest from Bornovas to İzmir Love Musical

İzmir For Love's Musical was staged at the Ayfer Feray Open Air Theater with the support of Bornova Municipality. Hundreds of Bornova residents watched the Musical with great admiration, mediating the purchase of a medical device for the Behçet Uz Children's Hospital Oncology Service and granting scholarships to students with the ticket revenue.

The Musical for the Love of Izmir, which was staged by a staff of 80 people from different professions who came together for the education and health of children, met with the audience after two years of work. At the end of the night, in which there were 12 unforgettable songs about Izmir and the song Izmir in it, the audience and the actors sang the Izmir Anthem in unison. All the income of the Musical, which received a standing ovation, will be spent on the education and health of children.

Thanks to Bornova Municipality

Bringing together a team of 80 people, İzmir's Tourism Manager Filiz Güleç called out to the people of Bornova at the end of the night, "You didn't just watch a musical today. Bornova Mayor Dr. With the invitations Mustafa İduğ gave you, you caused the purchase of a medical device in the Oncology Service of Behçet Uz Children's Hospital. You have met the one-year education of many of our children taught by the Balkan Turkish Businessmen's Association. You have supported the parent-teacher association of Namık Kemal High School, one of the oldest schools in İzmir. We thank you all very much.”

A period from Izmir

The musical sheds light on the recent period of Izmir through the love affairs of Rasel, who comes from a Greek family, and Niko, who is a Jew. With the narration of State Theater Artist Yusuf Köksal, what happened in İzmir at that time, İzmir's trade, art, entertainment and social life took place in the musical. The 12 İzmir songs and the dance performances of the Ottoman Dance Academy dancers in the musical, most of which took place in a tavern, garnered a lot of applause from the audience.

The Musical, whose script was written by Filiz Güleç, was presented by State Theater Artist Yusuf Köksal. The Choir Conductor was Süleyman Alasulu and the Artistic Director was Levent Yılmayan. The names who voluntarily took the stage in the project and received great applause for their performances are as follows: Ali Kaya, Ayşegül Demiray Dirik, Barış Kınav, Berrin Akar, Burak Pelit, Ceren Bağbozan, Dilek Köktaş Gündoğdu, Fabio Fantasia, Fadime Bilir, Filiz Güleç, Gökmen Küçüktaşdemir, Hakan Yılmaz, Kerem Akar, Interest Oğuzbayır, Mehmet Irmak, Mercan Reis Çolak, Özlem Çağlayan, Pelin Uğur, RanaÖzkan, Selin Ece Özgen, Tarkan Ayhan, Yağız Kaan Kazançoğlu.

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