Sectoral Collaboration Emphasis from Izmir Chamber of Dentists

Emphasis on Sectoral Strength from Izmir Chamber of Dentists
Sectoral Collaboration Emphasis from Izmir Chamber of Dentists

Head of Izmir Chamber of Dentists, Yaman Yamangil, said that they continue their work to protect the personal rights of colleagues and to create a unity of power by bringing them together under the roof of the chamber. Emphasizing that the new board of directors, who took office last April, will primarily focus on projects to improve the reputation of the profession and improve the working conditions of dentists, Yamangil said, “Depending on the premium days and insurance period, self-employed dentists have to wait for retirement age. As they continue to work in this process, there is a decrease in their pensions every year. Pensions need to be rearranged without making any distinction between the public and private sectors. Dentistry is a profession that requires standing for a long time physically and is performed with manual dexterity. Dentists who have to work despite their advanced age may experience physical deformations depending on age, and this may adversely affect the treatment process. For the solution of this issue, we demand the elimination of the inequality of pensions in the public and private sectors.


Reminding that there are 2 registered members of the Izmir Chamber of Dentists and that with the regulation, the obligation to register to the chamber for colleagues in the public sector has been lifted, Chairman Yaman Yamangil continued as follows: “Dentists serving in the public are not obliged to register with our chamber. However, as a chamber, we represent our entire professional group. We conduct disciplinary investigations. Physicians in the public sector should also be members of our chamber so that we can follow the solution of professional problems in a healthier way.”


Emphasizing that the increase in the number of Faculty of Dentistry in Turkey, especially in the last 10 years, is remarkable, Yaman Yamangil noted that excess graduates cause unfair competition in the sector and decrease in service quality.

Yamangil said, “The number of Faculty of Dentistry, which was 2002 in 19, has increased to 103 today. Training is provided in 90 of them; This means 6 thousand 500 graduates every year. It is possible to open new faculties in the coming years. This number is far from being an acceptable and manageable number for Turkey. There is no infrastructure in our country to employ this many dentists. Therefore, this situation negatively affects the service quality. The important thing is not the number of physicians, but the quality of the physician. It is important to make the necessary arrangements in this regard," he said.


Stating that İzmir is an important health tourism destination due to its geographical location and health infrastructure, Yaman Yamangil said that they are conducting a special study on this issue.

Yamangil said: “Izmir has an important potential both with its city center and its surroundings. In addition to transportation opportunities; It is also an international destination due to its physician quality, health infrastructure and price advantage. Moreover, İzmir has an important infrastructure for dental laboratories. We will also hold talks with municipalities, chamber of commerce and other institutions on this issue. Our aim is to pave the way for physicians from Izmir to benefit from the health tourism sector, which is becoming increasingly important. Health tourism is a large and important sector covering transportation, accommodation, entertainment, food and beverage and health services. As the Izmir Chamber of Dentists, we want both our city and our physicians to win.”

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