E-commerce Transactions In Turkey Increased By Half In One Year

E-commerce Transactions in Turkey Increased by Half in a Year
E-commerce Transactions In Turkey Increased By Half In One Year

With the communiqué published at the beginning of this year, the turnover limits determined for the e-invoice and e-archive transition requirement were lowered. As July 2022, which was determined as the last date for the transition to e-invoice for 1, is approaching, there is news that will make companies operating in the e-commerce sector happy.

With the new communiqué published by the Revenue Administration (GİB) on January 22, the turnover limits determined for the e-invoice and e-archive transition requirement were lowered. In this context, taxpayers with a gross sales revenue of 2020 million TL or more for the 2021 and 1 accounting periods are required to switch to e-invoice as of July 1, 2022. For taxpayers whose gross sales revenue is 2022 thousand TL or more for 500 or subsequent accounting periods, the deadline is 1 July 2023. As July 1, the deadline for transition to e-archive and e-invoice for this year, approaches, RA licensed private integrator BirFatura has announced that it has prepared a special campaign for e-commerce companies that want to experience e-invoice facilities free of charge for 5 months.

Sharing the details of the campaign, BirFatura CEO İbrahim Bayır said, “E-invoice solutions, which eliminate the security risks and storage costs that arise due to the obligation to keep printed invoices, offer many advantages for both businesses and consumers. With the mission and responsibility of being an GİB licensed integrator, we are launching a special campaign to encourage e-transformation.”

No commitment, unlimited, 5 months free e-invoice integration

Stating that e-commerce companies aim to accelerate the e-invoice transformation without waiting for the mandatory conditions, İbrahim Bayır said, “According to the report prepared by TÜSİAD and Deloitte, Turkey ranks 94rd among 23 countries in terms of e-commerce expenditure per capita. In another report, it is seen that the number of e-commerce transactions in our country increased by almost half (2020%) last year compared to 46. As BirFatura, we will offer our e-invoice solution free and unlimited for 5 months to companies engaged in online commerce in order to facilitate the e-transformation experience of businesses and to offer a more comfortable shopping experience to consumers.”

They will issue 5 or 50 thousand invoices for 50 months.

Noting that businesses that will use BirFatura for the first time can benefit from the campaign without any commitment and can terminate their subscriptions free of charge at the end of 5 months, BirFatura CEO İbrahim Bayır said, “With this campaign, companies of all sizes can complete their e-transformation processes quickly and easily. whether he issues 50 thousand invoices, he will be able to have this experience. With the advantage of e-transformation, especially within the scope of archiving, they will be able to make invoicing much more economically and quickly. We trust that they will want to continue using BirBilsa at the end of 50 months.”

“We also facilitate marketing and logistics with the integration of cargo and SMS”

Emphasizing that e-commerce organizations that register until 30 June and become e-invoice obligations will have the right to use free of charge and unlimited credit for 5 months, İbrahim Bayır concluded his evaluations with the following statements: We also offer logistics advantages. Thanks to the cargo integration within the scope of the free campaign, e-commerce companies can easily manage all their orders and print barcodes on their cargo. Businesses, which can also connect the infrastructures of BirFatura compatible SMS companies to the system, are also one step ahead in the communication they establish with their consumers via SMS. Companies can leave the membership without paying any fee at the end of 5 months. In order to benefit from the campaign, it is sufficient to open a BirFatura membership on our website and become an e-invoice payer.”

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