Turkey's Top R&D Expenditure Company 'ASELSAN'

Turkey's Largest R&D Spending Company ASELSAN
Turkey's Top R&D Expenditure Company ASELSAN

According to the “R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies” research, ASELSAN was the company with the highest R&D spending in 2021. ASELSAN spent 2021 billion 2 million TL on R&D in 258, an increase of 5 billion 615 million TL compared to the previous year.

ASELSAN's leadership in R&D was confirmed by the research “R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies” prepared by Turkishtime Magazine. According to the research, which has been keeping the pulse of R&D expenditures in Turkey since 2013, the company that made the most R&D expenditures in 2021 was ASELSAN, the apple of the eye of the defense industry, with an increase of 2 billion 258 million TL compared to the previous year and an expenditure of 5 billion 615 million TL.

The Turkey R&D 250 Research was prepared with the answers given to the questionnaires sent to the top 500 companies in Turkey's export ranking of the previous year, companies that announced their R&D data on the Public Disclosure Platform, and companies with R&D centers approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. R&D expenditures of companies in 2021, R&D expenditures planned for 2022, the number of R&D personnel, received in R&D centers in 2021; The number of patents, the number of utility models, the number of design registrations and the number of brands formed the basic data of the R&D 250 research. Research on R&D companies based on accurate sources and data is considered a reliable source for companies' R&D performance.

5 billion 615 million TL for R&D

ASELSAN, one of the important players of the defense industry, which was also in the leading position in 2020, maintained its position in the leadership seat in 2021 as well. ASELSAN's R&D investments reached 2020 billion 381 million TL in 2021 with an increase of 2 million TL in 258 and 2021 billion 5 million TL in 615.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün said, "The role of R&D projects, some of which are groundbreaking technologies, in ASELSAN's leadership in the R&D growth of our country, which has been the locomotive of R&D in recent years, is undeniable." In today's world, where distances, the number of soldiers and equipment lose their importance and speed and technology are at the center, it is of vital importance for countries. Defense industry companies that aim to develop themselves with an innovative perspective stand out in global competition by exhibiting a much more successful example of institutionalization.

More than Five Thousand R&D Personnel, Eight R&D Centers

We, as ASELSAN, are aware of this and place R&D and innovation as the top priority in all our work. In line with the vision of our Defense Industry Presidency, at ASELSAN, we also mobilize the power we derive from our high-capacity human resources to develop products and systems and to acquire critical technologies. By making innovation and R&D the focal point of our activities in all business processes from production to marketing, from procurement to management, we achieve success in the national and international arena. We allocate an average of seven percent of our turnover to R&D activities financed by our own resources. We carry out extensive R&D activities with our more than five thousand R&D personnel, a total of eight R&D Centers located in our different campuses and the infrastructure facilities there. Independent national technologies of our country kazanWe will continue to work, research, and develop day and night with the aim of

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