Have the Results of the 28th Term POMEM Exam Been Announced? POMEM Result Screen

Term POMEM Exam Results Have Been Announced POMEM Results Screen
Have the 28th Term POMEM Exam Results Announced? POMEM Result Screen

The 28th Term Police Vocational Training Centers (POMEM) interviews were completed and the candidates' eyes were focused on the exam result statement from the Police Academy. It was announced that a total of 10 thousand civil servants, both men and women, would be recruited this year in POMEM, which was recruited through KPSS.

A total of 8.000 students, 6.400 undergraduate (1.600 men and 2.000 women), 1.600 associate degrees (400 men and 10.000 women), are recruited to be assigned to the Police Academy. 28th term POMEM results have been announced.

Have POMEM Exam Results Announced?

The results of the 28th Term POMEM Entrance Exam have been announced. Candidates will not be notified of the results by mail or other means of communication, and the results announced on our official website are in the nature of notification.

The results of the replacement plans will also be announced on our official website, and no notification will be made to the candidates who are planned as replacements by mail or other communication tools. For this reason, candidates who are determined as substitutes as a result of the exam should follow our official website regarding the backup plans to be made.

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POMEM Application Requirements

Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

Associate degree, undergraduate graduates and those who have graduated from higher education institutions abroad can apply, (Associate degree, undergraduate diplomas obtained from a foreign country will be accepted together with the equivalence certificate obtained from the Council of Higher Education.)

To have obtained a base score or higher in KPSS to be determined by the Ministry, (For undergraduate graduates, KPSS undergraduate score in 2020 or 2021 is P3 score type (60,00), for associate degree graduates, KPSS associate degree score in 2020 is P93 score type (65,00). ,XNUMX) to have a base score or higher.)

For the spouses or children of the martyrs or the disabled on duty, to have received at least 8% of the score determined in the clause (c) of the 80th article of the POMEM Entry Regulation, (The spouse or children of the martyr or the disabled on duty: Police Force, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command, Spouses or children of Turkish Armed Forces personnel, martyrs or disabled on duty, and spouses or children of those who are covered by subparagraphs (h) and (j) of paragraph 12 of Article 4 of the Anti-Terror Law No. 1991 of 3713/21/1, for undergraduate graduates in 2020 or 2021 KPSS undergraduate score is at least P3 score type (48,00), for associate degree graduates, KPSS associate degree score made in 2020 must be a base point or above from P93 score type (52,00). Candidates with undergraduate degrees cannot apply through associate degree . The applications of the candidates who apply in this way will be deemed invalid.

For age adjustments made after completing the age of 18, taking into account the age before the correction, not being younger than 01 for male and female candidates as of 30 January of the year in which the exam is held, (born on 01 January 1992 or later)

Not having a legal obstacle to carrying a gun or doing armed duty,* To meet the conditions specified in the Law on Health Conditions of the Police Organization, The height and weight requirements of the students to be admitted to the POMEMs are stated below in the relevant articles of the said regulation. (Male students to be admitted to Police Schools will be at least 167 cm tall, and female students will be at least 162 cm tall.) (Male and female students to be admitted to Police Schools will have a Body Mass Index between 18.00 BMI -27.00 BMI.)

Even if the periods specified in Article 26 of the Turkish Penal Code dated 9/2004/5237 and numbered 53 have passed, the candidate himself and, if married, his spouse;

Not to be sentenced to imprisonment for a period of one year or more, even if it is decided to postpone the announcement of the verdict due to an intentionally committed crime,

Even if it is pardoned or it is decided to postpone the announcement of the verdict, crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid rigging, performance of the performance not to be convicted of crimes against embezzlement, laundering of property values ​​resulting from crime, smuggling or sexual immunity, or not to have an ongoing investigation or prosecution for these crimes, or to have the prosecution not resulted in reconciliation,

The candidate's own and, if married, his/her spouse; Having worked in a brothel, a joint place, a rendezvous house, a house where prostitution is performed alone and similar places, or not engaging in acts of intermediation and waiting, being responsible for producing and selling all kinds of written, audio and visual works, regardless of the material in which they are recorded, or gambling, drugs or not being subject to any judicial or administrative investigation or prosecution due to the stimulant substance, not being subject to administrative sanctions or not being convicted for these matters,

Submitting a written statement that there is no member of any political party or subsidiaries of political parties as of the temporary registration date, (the candidate will state his/her status in the relevant part of the application petition in his/her own handwriting.)

Not to be deprived of exercising public rights,

Except for the provisions of the Health Regulations, not to have been removed from the police training institutions,

Security investigation and archive research to be positive

What is POMEM?

It is a higher education institution with scientific autonomy, which provides associate degree, postgraduate education, scientific research, publication and consultancy in order to meet the needs of officers, supervisors and managers of the Police Force, including faculties, institutes and police vocational schools.

The duties and powers of the Academy are regulated by the Police Higher Education Law, the Police Academy Management Units Establishment, Duties and Working Regulations.

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