AFAD Volunteer University Students Prepare for Challenging Missions with Training and Exercises

AFAD Volunteer University Students Prepare for Challenging Tasks with Training and Practices
AFAD Volunteer University Students Prepare for Challenging Missions with Training and Exercises

University students participating in the "Volunteer System" of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) in Kahramanmaraş prepare for possible disaster situations with training and exercises.

Within the framework of the Turkey Disaster Response Plan, both theoretical and practical trainings are given to university students who are members of the “AFAD Volunteering System” in Kahramanmaraş.

Volunteers, who receive training to save lives in emergencies as well as natural disasters, participate in the training and application centers in various points of the city on certain days of the week.

Volunteers, who receive theoretical and practical information from AFAD personnel in groups, then have the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned in practice with exercises held within the framework of certain rules.

While continuing their education, the students, who learn the intricacies of the profession from the experienced staff of AFAD, are already preparing for the challenging tasks they will undertake in the future.

Kahramanmaraş Provincial Disaster and Emergency Manager Aslan Mehmet Coşkun stated that all activities within the scope of disaster volunteering continue in Kahramanmaraş.

Reminding that Kahramanmaraş is a province with earthquake risk, Coşkun said that in case of any disaster, volunteers will undertake important tasks in the neighborhood, street, house, classroom and environment.

Explaining that they make the volunteers ready for disasters with both theoretical and practical training, Coşkun said: “Our students who continue their university education in our city are a powerful resource for us. If our students stay both in the dormitory and at home in a possible earthquake, they will guide, help and support their friends. However, in a major disaster, we will be our supporters in many issues such as sheltering and aid distribution. First of all, we start our studies with basic disaster awareness training. Then we carry out psychosocial trainings. Theoretically, we provide trainings such as finding direction in the field, how to perform humanitarian aid, how to set up a tent. In search and rescue training, we introduce the equipment we use to our volunteers. We show you how to use this equipment and where to use it. We provide training to our participants on what is risky on the wreckage model, how to approach a wreck, and how to give first aid when they see an injured person in a wreck. When they complete these trainings, we prepare our support disaster volunteers in the form and equipment to support our teams in a possible disaster with an application exercise.”

Students Are Also Satisfied With The Education

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Textile Technology Department student Salih Yenipınar also stated that he participated in the trainings in order to be prepared for possible disasters. Emphasizing that the training he received at AFAD was important to him, Yenipınar said, “When I saw that AFAD had earthquake, fire and first aid training, I came here to receive training on these issues. We come to university, of course, education life. After that, we come to AFAD. This is also very important to us. Life safety comes first. Coming here from school. Everyone needs to participate and learn in such events. It's a shame not to find out right now. Don't do anything just because I don't know. Anything can happen, even on the street.” said.

Zehra Tufan, mother of 4 children, explained that she felt the earthquake in Elazig in Kahramanmaraş and decided to become an AFAD volunteer because they did not know what to do in the event of an earthquake. I have 4 children at home, it is very important for me to come here and receive training on issues such as first aid, earthquake, flood, fire. I believe it will add a lot to my life.” she used the phrase.

Rauf Kürşat Maraşlıoğlu, one of the students of the Computer Technology Department, stated that he participated in the trainings in order to help people in difficult times.

Explaining that he attends training and exercises in his spare time, Maraşlıoğlu said: “We aim to be there for people in difficult times by going through various difficult trainings. Being a volunteer at AFAD requires being conscious at the very beginning. Empathy is the second most important factor after consciousness. We learn that we must help people by feeling the earthquakes they experience. Sometimes we take our time and sometimes we waste our time on it. I come when I don't have classes, and when I have classes, I especially take time to be conscious.”

Saadet Ceylan, one of the students, said that they gained awareness of disaster as a result of the trainings given within AFAD and that everyone should participate in the exercises and trainings.

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