Tips for Being a Phenomenon Publisher by Casper Excalibur

Casper Excaliburdan The Pitch of Being a Phenomenon Publisher
4 Tips for Being a Phenomenon Publisher by Casper Excalibur

Publishing is changing its crust and moving from big and shiny studios to homes on the internet. Publishers, who play interactive games with their audience, stand out as the new celebrities of the new media era. Casper's power and performance computer Excalibur shares what it takes to be an effective broadcaster in the world of e-sports, whose global audience is expected to reach 532 million within the year.

The e-sports industry continues to attract attention. While the games that have become a universally shared culture are seen as having the potential to bring the fame of their good players to the international dimension, the e-sports industry is increasing the number of followers and viewers. Newzoo's Global E-Sports and Streaming Market research reveals that by 2022, the global e-sports audience will reach 8,7 million, with an annual increase of 532%. While the competitive environment is heating up for professional broadcasters who contribute significantly to the ever-growing and developing E-sports industry, Casper's power and performance computer Excalibur offers 4 suggestions to broadcasters who want to deliver their broadcasts to large audiences in this competitive environment.

Powerful computers are the highlight of professional esports broadcasting

Publishers who manage to keep their viewers on the screen for long hours meet in some common features. The most important of these is the computers on which they show all their skills. The fact that broadcast quality comes to the fore at least as much as gaming skills leads broadcasters to prefer computers with a good operating system and a powerful graphics card. Casper's power and performance computer Excalibur shares important points for gamers to increase their performance in the field of publishing.

Emerging industry requires more performance

The need for a good operating system and powerful graphics card is now more important than ever. The esports world, which continues to grow, forces computer manufacturers and gamers to increase their performance. Developments in the industry, such as sequel games, keep the interest of game lovers alive, making room for you to stay up-to-date and strong. Make sure your computer always catches the quality of the games you play.

Your gaming accessory choices give you new collaborations and updates

The growth of the industry has made the accessories developed for player performances more in demand. New collaborations in broadcasting allow you to produce new content for your audience, while improving your gaming experience. Game accessories can contribute to your visibility in this broadcasting industry, which is known to allow viewers to stop consuming content in 1 minute due to the variety of alternatives.

Create your publication calendar consciously

The quality of the content produced significantly affects the reflexes of consumers on online platforms. Although the quality of the content you produce is sometimes sufficient, it is important not to forget the dynamics of the industry. Dominating the gaming industry and following your competitors can help you create your broadcast calendar and help you move forward confidently.

Determine the most suitable system for you

As much as your performance, the proficiency of the computer you work with can also move you forward. For these needs, Excalibur offers the most powerful processors including Intel 11th and 12th Generations and NVIDIA's GTX and RTX graphics card options to the likes of publishers who always aim to be effective.

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