2 Years Longing Ends at Bursa Science Festival

Annual Longing Ends at Bursa Science Festival
2 Years Longing Ends at Bursa Science Festival

Bursa Science Festival 9 Science Expo, which was realized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines, with the support of BEBKA and in cooperation with Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, Uludağ University, Bursa Technical University, BTSO, GUHEM, İŞKUR and BIKO, is due to the pandemic. It is meeting with science enthusiasts again after a 2-year hiatus.

Science Expo, which was started as a small science festival in 2012 by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of removing science from being inaccessible and difficult and bringing science to all segments of society, has become one of Turkey's largest and world's leading science festivals. It will be held between 09 June. The introductory meeting of the 12th Science Expo, Bursa Science Festival, which science enthusiasts awaited, was held at Atatürk Congress and Culture Center.

Scope is expanding

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, in her speech that started by thanking Recep Altepe, the Metropolitan Mayor of the period who implemented the project in 2012, reminded that more than 40 thousand people visited the festival even in its first year. Expressing that the Bursa Science Festival, which guides the participants to produce and learn by experiencing with the philosophy of 'Invent Our Own', was held in Merinos Park for the next 4 years by 'taking science out to the streets', Mayor Aktaş said, “We organized our event under the name sponsorship of Turkish Airlines, in Bursa Province with the support of BEBKA. We are implementing it in cooperation with the Directorate of National Education, Bursa Uludağ University, Bursa Technical University, BTSO, GUHEM, İŞKUR and BIKO. Our Bursa Science Festival, which took action with a new vision after the spread of science activities in Turkey and their spread to other provinces, continued on its way under the name of Turkish Airlines Science Expo since 2017; Professions compete, workshops, aircraft competitions, mind and intelligence games, career days, project competitions were added to it. In order to increase scientific awareness in Turkey, an attempt was made to break a world record in the scientific field for the first time in our country, and this was successful.”

Bursa project

Expressing that the Bursa Science Festival has become a Bursa project far beyond being a Metropolitan Municipality project, Mayor Aktaş said, “Unfortunately, we could not hold the 2020th Science Expo that we planned to hold in 9 due to the pandemic. Thank God, we will hold it on June 9-12, 2022 with the theme of 'Space and Aviation' at TÜYAP Fair Center, GUHEM and BTM garden. Our institutions engaged in production in the space and aviation sector will participate in our science festival. These include many local and national public institutions, private companies, schools, such as the Turkish Space Agency, Aselsan, Roketsan, THK, Solotürk, Turkish Aerospace Industries, flight schools, Bursa Regional Directorate of Forestry, Bursa Police Department, Bursa Provincial Gendarmerie Command and AFAD. and non-governmental organizations,” he said.

Special attention to vocational high schools

President Aktaş said that they attach special importance to vocational high schools in this year's festival and that Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer will also attend the Vocational High Schools Employment Meeting to be held within the scope of the event. President Aktaş, who opened a separate title in his speech for the Vocational High Schools Employment Meeting, which is the first in Turkey, said, “The main purpose of the Bursa Vocational High Schools Employment Meeting is to bring together the leading companies of our province, all members of vocational and technical high schools, and our youth who are looking for a job or aiming for career development. . At the same time, it is to strengthen the communication between our enterprises and all vocational and technical high schools in our province and to pave the way for cooperation in projects. It is to bring dynamism to the workforce of our country with a sustainability perspective. In cooperation with İŞKUR, more than 500 companies from Bursa will participate in our event, and our companies will have the opportunity to explain their employment opportunities to nearly 50 thousand young people. 12 teams and 16 vocational high school students from 289 different cities of Turkey, in 472 different fields, will implement the projects given to them 'to rank in their fields'. 38 students from 79 teams from outside Bursa applied. Our Provincial Directorate of National Education will host our competitors coming from outside of Bursa in the student dormitories. I thank them. Starting next year, we aim to carry out the Professions Compete together with the Ministry of National Education with participants from 81 provinces.”

Prize competitions

President Aktaş, who also gave information about the award-winning competitions to be held within the scope of the event, said, “In the Professions Compete event; Our students will compete with their projects under 16 topics, from child development and education to handicrafts, from robotic coding to air conditioning. BEBKA will award 2 thousand TL for the first prize, 1000 TL for the second, and 500 TL for the third. Again in February, we will hold the final of the League of Mind and Intelligence Games, which we brought to life for the first time in Turkey with the participation of 104 schools, at Science Expo. In the Design-Build-Fly Contest, 45 teams from different parts of Turkey at the secondary and high school level will compete. BEBKA will award 5 thousand TL for the first place, 4 thousand TL for the second and 3 thousand TL for the third place. At the Patent Hackathon, which will be held in cooperation with Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center and Plan-S, young people will try to find solutions to the cases under the main topic of space and space subsystems in a 36-hour marathon. The winner of the Hackathon will be awarded 10 thousand TL, the second 7 thousand 500 TL and the third 5 thousand TL. Again, in cooperation with GUHEM and Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, we will organize Bursa Patent Hackathon with the participation of teams consisting of high school students. In this organization, young people will try to find solutions for the cases under the main heading of space and space subsystems for 2 days.

4 days full of science

President Aktaş said, “In the festival, where the technologies of companies operating in the field of space and aviation will be exhibited, high school and university teams will also take part in the competitions with their designs and products. We will offer different experiences for visitors who will have the opportunity to see and apply the drone technology, which has started to play a role in all areas of life, from agricultural spraying to cargo transportation. We promise to our 250 thousand visitors from all over Turkey to spend 4 days full of science, where they learn by having fun, and invent their own inventions. Again on June 11, we will witness an evening full of music with the Oğuzhan Koç concert. I highly recommend you to see our festival, which has been visited by more than one million science lovers so far. For this, we provide free transportation to the fairground from many points of the city. I would like to express my gratitude to the institutions and organizations that contributed and supported the 9th Science Expo”.

students of tomorrow

Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gür, on the other hand, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality makes very important contributions to the training of tomorrow's students and said, “I think Science Expo is one of them. In fact, our municipality and related institutions and organizations are signing many studies that can be shown as the only one in Turkey. In Bursa, we are preparing a very important generation for the future in a very good way. Science Expo is an event that I was very impressed with when I first heard it. That's why I sincerely thank our president and his team for allowing such a youth to grow up here.”

Speaking on behalf of BEBKA, Elif Boz Ulutaş stated that they have been supporting Bursa Science Festival since 2015 as an institution and stated that events such as Science Expo make significant contributions to the familiarization of children and young people with science and technology.

By the way, before the introductory meeting of the festival, the Science Hunters team of Bursa Science and Technology Center conducted a remarkable little scientific experiment. Chairman Aktaş accompanied the experiment, which was watched carefully by the guests.

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