2 Free Public Beaches of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Antalya

Free Public Beach of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Antalya
2 Free Public Beaches of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Antalya

Bahçecik and Çifteçeşmeler Public Beaches, which were established in Antalya's Kemer district by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, were put into service.

Bahçecik and Çifteçeşmeler Public Beaches in Beldibi District were opened.

In his speech at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan said that they are rapidly continuing the free public beaches project they started in 2019.

Stating that the number of Bahçecik and Çifteçeşmeler Beaches and the Ministry's free public beaches has increased to 10, Alpaslan said, “We offer a 5-star holiday opportunity to our citizens on our public beaches. By undertaking the operations of these beaches, we aimed for our citizens in the lower income group to have a quality holiday. In addition to the Mediterranean and Aegean, there are demands for free public beaches from the cities of the Black Sea, Marmara and even inland lakes. We will increase the number of public beaches every year. The tourist season is also going quite well. By the end of the year, we will have earned 35 billion dollars of tourism income for our country. We are carrying out our work with this aim and target.” said.

Noting that the customers of the hotels that do not face the sea also receive quality service at the free public beaches, Alpaslan said, “Public beaches have won the appreciation of the citizens. We will continue to open sustainable, nature-friendly beaches that will meet the needs of the disabled and all segments of society.” he said.

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Candemir Zoroğlu and AK Party Provincial President İbrahim Ethem Taş also attended the ceremony.

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