World Champion National Boxer, Ayşe Çağrıır Who is she, how old is she, where is she from?

World Champion National Boxer Ayse Cagirir Who is she How old is she from where?
World Champion National Boxer, Who is Ayşe Çağrıır, How old is she, Where is she from?

Historical success from our national boxer Ayşe Çağırır… The national boxer who competed in 48 kg at the World Women's Boxing Championship managed to become the World Champion by defeating her Kazakh rival Alua Balkikakuva! So, who is Ayşe Çağrıır, how old is she and where is she from?

A great success came from Ayşe Çağırır in Turkish boxing, which was experiencing its golden age. Ayşe Çağrıır, who is the 48 kg World Champion, made her name known to the whole world. Here are the details of our national boxer's success and information about his life story..

Historical Success from Ayşe Çağrıır!

Ayşe Çağrıır defeated Alua Balkibekovaya from Kazakhstan and became the world champion in the final of the World Women's Boxing Championship, hosted by Turkey by the International Boxing Association (IBA).

Who is Ayşe Çağrıır?

National boxer Ayşe Çağrıır was born in 1995. She graduated from the physical education and sports teaching department. The 27-year-old boxer is 1,60 meters tall and 48 kilograms.

Bronze medal in the 2014 kilos at the 48 European Women's Boxing Championships held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. kazanwas.

At the 2022 World Women's Boxing Championship, organized by the International Boxing Association (IBA) at Başakşehir Youth and Sports Facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, Ayşe Çağrıır beat Kazakh Alua Balkibekova 48-3 in the final for the gold medal. kazanwas. She reached the final by defeating Uzbek Marjona Savrieva in the last 32 rounds, French Rim Bennama in the last 16 rounds, British Demie-Jade Resztan in the quarter finals by 5-0, and Argentine Aldana Florencia Lopez 4-1 in the semi-finals.

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