Why Is The Sky Red In China? What Causes Red Sky? What Does Red Sky Mean?

Why Red Sky Causes Red Sky What Does Red Sky Mean?
Why The Sky Is Red In China Causes The Red Sky What Does The Red Sky Mean

📩 09/05/2022 12:02

The images recorded in Zhoushan, a city in China's Zhejiang province, fell like a bombshell on the world agenda. While residents of the city, where the color of the sky turns red, stated that they have never encountered such a thing before, experts said that the red sky is caused by the reflection of light from low-level clouds. These moments, recorded by the residents of the city with their phones, quickly became viral on social media. What is the red sky in post-development China, which is on the agenda around the world? What causes red sky topics were wondered.


The images in question became one of the most talked about topics, with more than 150 million views on Weibo, China's Twitter-like Social Media platform.

While millions of users were asking questions about why this situation might have happened, the expected explanation came. According to the news in the country press, the situation in question occurred as a result of the low cloud level.

Global Times, based on the Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau personnel, shared the information that this situation caused the reflection of light with its users. According to the same news, Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau personnel explained that it was foggy and cloudy in Zhoushan, and the red sky may have been caused by the reflection of light from low-level clouds.

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