Who is Yusuf Aslan? How old was Yusuf Aslan and where did he come from?

Who is Yusuf Aslan How old is Yusuf Aslan and where is he from?
Who is Yusuf Aslan How old is Yusuf Aslan and where is he from?

Yusuf Aslan (born 1947, Kuşsaray, Aydıncık, Yozgat – died 6 May 1972, Ulucanlar, Altındağ, Ankara) is a Turkish Marxist-Leninist militant, one of the founders of the People's Liberation Army of Turkey. He was executed together with Deniz Gezmiş and Hüseyin İnan.

Life story

Yusuf Aslan was born in 1947 in the village of Kuşsaray in Yozgat. He entered METU in 1966 and became a member of the METU Socialist Idea Club, and started working in Dev-Genç. From this period on, he became one of the leading organizers of the boycotts that broke out first in the preparatory school, then in the engineering faculty, and immediately after the occupation of METU. On January 6, 1969, he participated in the burning of the car of the US Ambassador to Ankara, Robert Komer. In 1969 he went to Palestine with his friends. Here he received weapons training, learned helicopter and airplane piloting. On Tuesday, March 16, 1971, Yusuf Aslan was shot in the bladder and taken to Sivas Numune Hospital during a clash with law enforcement officers in Sivas Şarkışla, while he was on his way to join the guerrilla group in Nurhak with Deniz Gezmiş. The person who shot him was a sergeant named Hamit Orhan. Yusuf Aslan He was treated for a week. After his treatment, he was tried in the Martial Law Courts. He was sentenced to death penalty. He was hanged together with Deniz Gezmiş and Hüseyin İnan on May 6, 1972, despite various attempts by the Assembly, the public and his fellow members of the organization to prevent the executions. His last words were, “I die once for the independence of my country and the happiness of my people. You, those who hang us, will die every day in your dishonesty. We are at the service of our people. You are at the service of America. Long live the revolutionaries! Down with fascism!" has been.

His tomb is in Ankara Karşıyaka It is located in the Cemetery.

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