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Who is Tiago Çukur, who wore the national team jersey for the first time? How old is Tiago Pit and where is he from?


Information about Tiago Çukur, who is in the Turkish National Team Candidate squad, was a matter of curiosity. Here is our news about the life and football career of Tiago Çukur… The candidate roster of the National Team, which will face Lithuania, Luxembourg and Faroe Islands in the UEFA Nations League, has been announced. 20-year-old Tiago Çukur took part in the nominated squad for the first time. Who is the Turkish football player Tiago Çukur, who plays in the Watford U-23 team, has been the subject of millions of curiosity. Tiago Çukur has been talking about Beşiktaş transfer lately.

So who is Tiago Çukur, how old is he and where is he from? Which team does Tiago Süer Barbaros Çukur play in the national team candidate squad? Here is his biography…

Who is Tiago Pit?

born in Amsterdam Hollanda and Turkish national Tiago Süer Barbaros Çukur 30 Nov 2002 was born on.

On loan from Watford, he played as a forward for English club Doncaster Rovers. Young star football player Tiago Çukur originally played in the center forward position.

Representing Turkey at the international level, Tiago Çukur played for Feyenoord and AZ Alkmaar youth teams in the summer of 2021, before signing for Watford in January 2020.

Transferred to Watford U23 team, Tiago Çukur was loaned to Doncaster Rovers in July 2021. Our young national player, whose contract has expired, returned to the Watford team again.