When and on which day will Hıdırellez be celebrated in 2022? What is Hıdırellez?

When is Hidirellez
When is Hidirellez

Hıdırellez Festival refers to the times when nature comes to life in many countries, especially in Central Asia and the Balkan geographies. It is a combination of the words Khidr and Ilyas. Hidirellez The word means festivity for many people. Hıdırellez rituals, which contain many traditions such as the spring fire, will be held at many points this year. Those who will welcome the spring with the prayer of Hıdırellez, 'When is Hıdırellez, what day, what month of the month?' looking for answers to questions. So, what is Hıdırellez, why is it celebrated, how is it celebrated? Here is the history of 2022 Hıdırellez…

What is Hıdırellez?

Hıdırellez is one of the seasonal holidays celebrated in the Turkish world. It is celebrated as the day when Hızır and İlyas met on earth.

Known as the day when nature comes to life, Hıdırellez Festival also means the arrival of spring.

When is Hıdırellez?

Hıdırellez, one of the centuries-old traditions, is celebrated this year and every year between May 5-6. This year, the dates of Hıdırellez coincide with Thursday and Friday.

Hıdırellez will start in 2022 on Thursday evening, May 5, 2022, and will end on Friday, May 6, 2022 at the afternoon prayer.

The most common Hıdırellez tradition is to make a wish under the rosewood. This tradition is performed on the evening of Hıdırellez. Wishes can be written and hung on a piece of paper or drawn under the rosewood as a shape. He can draw a picture of a house that wants a house, a picture of a car that wants a car. The first thing in the morning of Hıdırellez is to go to the bottom of the rose tree and take those notes and leave them in the water.

Another way to make a wish on the evening of Hıdırellez is to hang money on the rose tree. Hanging coins and wishes are collected early in the morning of May 6, 2020. The money is put in the wallet and is not spent throughout the year. Hıdırellez money does not show the face of poverty and lack of money during that year.

In Anatolia, people prefer to wear white clothes and go to the green and watery countryside before sunrise and have fun. Celebrations are held in greenery, wooded areas, by the water, next to a mausoleum or a mausoleum. This is why such places are called Hıdırlık. Walking around the green places where Hızır is considered to have visited, flowers are gathered, games are played, the first lamb of spring is slaughtered and eaten. If the collected flowers are boiled and drunk, you will be good for diseases; It is believed that a person who bathes with this water for forty days will become younger and more beautiful.

Slaughtering a lamb for "Kızır Hakkı" is a common practice seen everywhere where the Khidr tradition spreads. In Diyarbakir, a separate ceremony is held under the name of Cigaret. There is a belief that by eating this fresh lamb of spring, the bodies will gain health and vitality. Due to the rumor that the things that Khidr touches are overflowing, the mouths of food containers, warehouses and money bags are left open on the eve of Khidr day. Those who want a house, vineyard or garden can make a small model of what they want anywhere; Those who want gold and similar jewelry believe that they will achieve their wishes by wearing tree leaves on their arms or necks.

In some parts of Anatolia, there is a custom of giving alms, fasting and sacrificing in order for the prayers and wishes made on Hıdrellez Day to be accepted. Sacrifices and offerings must be for the "right of Khidr" because all these preparations are for meeting Khidr.

Hıdırellez Prayer

A thousand and one steps one step / Allah one step step by step / Kerim Kerim Allah / I have a smoke in my head, help me ya Allah / La ilaha illallah Muhammeden Resullallah come to my rescue with Hızır You are one of Allah, you are the helper of the servants like us You are the helper of the servants like us.

Hz. Who is Khidr?

Hz. Khidr, Hz. He is a Companion who lived in the time of Moses. Hz. Khidr is also known by the name Hadir. The name Khidr comes from Arabic. Hz. Khidr was taught a number of divine knowledge and wisdom. Hz. He lived in the time of Moses. The name Hadır means one with plenty of greenery.

He is mentioned as Khidr in most of the hadiths. In addition, in some Islamic sources, Hz. Khidr's lineage is also mentioned. In most sources, St. Elijah and Hz. It is said that Khidr is the same person. However, these two people are different from each other. In the holy books, St. Khidr is not mentioned. But he is mentioned in hadiths.

What are the Duties of Khidr, and to whom is it visible?

In the hadith, Hz. It is mentioned that Khidr will live until the end of the day and will appear to people at various times. Hz. When people are in difficult times, Khidr solves their troubles with Allah's permission.

In some sources, it is mentioned that the Antichrist, who will appear in the near future, will live until the end of time in order to reveal his lies. Hz. Khidr, Hz. It is said that he lived in the time of Muhammad, and when our Prophet died, he came to the Ehl-i Bayt to offer his condolences.

Hz. Khidr may appear to people as someone with a white beard or as an acquaintance. Hz. While Khidr sometimes comes to help people who are in trouble, he sometimes comes to teach them a science. In the Qur'an, it is mentioned about a person who was given some special wisdom and knowledge by Allah (swt). This person's St. It is thought by scholars that he is Khidr.

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