What is an Entrepreneurship Certificate? How to Get Entrepreneurship Certificate?

What is an Entrepreneurship Certificate How to Get an Entrepreneurship Certificate
What is an Entrepreneurship Certificate How to Get an Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneur; It offers products or services to consumers by putting forth a certain capital in different areas. In order to produce this good or service in the best conditions, it needs some information and documents. The entrepreneur can realize his projects in a more permanent and profitable way with the trainings he will attend and the documents he will receive. As a result of various trainings, he can acquire entrepreneurship knowledge from scratch. Anyone who wants to specialize in this subject can get an entrepreneurship certificate by going through some training. KOSGEB offers traditional and advanced entrepreneurship trainings online and free of charge, especially through its training platform. Certification by taking this training kazanand you can achieve more successful works in your field.

What is an Entrepreneurship Certificate?

The question of what is an entrepreneurship certificate; It is often wondered by those who are considering making a breakthrough in this regard. Entrepreneurship certificate; It is a certificate given to the participants by KOSGEB at the end of the training. It is necessary to have the said certificate in order to benefit from KOSGEB supports when establishing a new business. Certified entrepreneurship trainings; It is given through KOSGEB e-academy. It is divided into two types as “Traditional Entrepreneurship Trainings” and “Advanced Entrepreneurship Trainings”. Entrepreneur candidates who want to start a business can access the documents they need by deciding on one of the formats.

How to Get Entrepreneurship Certificate?

Young minds who have the idea of ​​starting a business often ask the question of how to get an entrepreneurship certificate. For this, the application must be made online in the first place. You can log in with your e-government account at lms.kosgeb.gov.tr. In the window that opens after the login, two options appear as “Traditional Entrepreneurship Training” and “Advanced Entrepreneurship Training”. You can choose which of these formats suits you and start the training. After completing the trainings, you can view your certificate again through your e-government account.

KOSGEB announced many innovations for new entrepreneurs in 2021. One of the most striking innovations is that the way to get KOSGEB entrepreneurship certificate is through applied entrepreneurship training. At this point, entrepreneurs can obtain the document in question online, through e-government, as well as in the classical classroom environment. Wherever you are in Turkey, you can complete the trainings and have an entrepreneurship certificate through electronic devices and the internet.

What is the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate?

Since the work to be done with the entrepreneurship certificate is very diverse, it can be said that the KOSGEB entrepreneurship certificate brings many advantages. Upon completion of entrepreneurship training and certification, KOSGEB provides some grants to entrepreneurs. This amount, known as 50.000 TL, can reach 150.000 TL.

How to Get Entrepreneurship Loan?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who have the idea of ​​starting a business is how to get an entrepreneurship loan. There may be certain conditions in order to apply for an entrepreneurship loan. KOSGEB loans are given to entrepreneurs who want to open a new business, as grants and loans, under certain conditions. The aim of the entrepreneurship loan program is to support entrepreneurship, which is the main factor in solving employment problems. In addition, it stands out as providing economic development and supporting the establishment of successful businesses. There are certain grant amounts for people who want to be their own boss. A total of 50 thousand TL of support is given to these people, including 100 thousand TL in grants and 150 thousand TL in payment.

The entrepreneurship certificate given by KOSGEB for the establishment of the company is of utmost importance. Establishing a company without obtaining a certificate may cause you to not be able to benefit from this loan. You can become a partner of the company established in the entrepreneurship loan. Even 30% of your share is sufficient for an entrepreneurship loan. In addition, 70% support is given to women entrepreneurs and 60% to male entrepreneurs.

It is beneficial to have invoices of all the expenses you have made for your company. You can get these expenses back from KOSGEB within 2-3 months by sending your expenses to KOSGEB. However, this refund does not include VAT.

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