Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Center Opened

Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Center Opened
Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Center Opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Center at the Azerbaijan State Petroleum and Industry University, where auditoriums are located on behalf of the martyrs of 15 July, İlhan Varank and Erol Olçok.

Azerbaijan State Petroleum and Industry University Rector Prof. Dr. The opening, hosted by Mustafa Babanlı, was attended by Cevat Olçok, brother of July 15 martyred Erol Olçok, Turkey's Ambassador to Baku Cahit Bağcı, TRNC Baku Representative Mustafa Kemal Beyazbayram, TURKPA Secretary General Mehmet Süreyya Er, Republic of Turkey Chief Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç and the university senate. academics participated.

In his speech at the event, Minister Varank thanked the university administration, which took the decision to keep the names of the July 15 martyrs alive.

Emphasizing the importance of TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan, which was opened today, Varank said, “We will strengthen the brotherhood of the two countries much more with organizations like TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan. We will add strength to our strength with the capabilities we have acquired here. We will develop our economies.” said.

Talking about the "one nation, two states" relationship between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Varank said, "Whenever we were in trouble, whenever we needed each other, we were the first to help each other. We are the best example that teaches the world to be 'one nation, two states'. We will continue to maintain this cooperation.” he said.

Talking about the position Turkey took in the liberation of Karabakh from occupation, Varank said, “We know very well who stood with us first on the night of July 15. The first sound came from Azerbaijan. I am very pleased that our university has done such a meaningful work in memory of the martyrs both in Azerbaijan and in Turkey. We will always strive to raise generations who know what a homeland to be sacrificed means.” used the expressions.

In his speech, Cevat Olçok thanked those who contributed to the construction of the auditoriums on behalf of İlhan Varank and Erol Olçok and stated that he commemorated the martyrs with mercy.

Turkey's Ambassador to Baku Bağcı noted that it is valuable and meaningful to keep the names of the martyrs of July 15 alive in Azerbaijan. Bağcı said, “This homeland, Turkey and Azerbaijan survives thanks to the people who protect the cherished memories of the martyrs.” said.

Azerbaijan State Petroleum and Industry University Rector Prof. Dr. Babanlı said that the martyrs, whose names are given to the auditoriums in the university, will set an example for students how to love their homeland.

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