Turkey's Leading Human Resources Managers Meet at 'CHRO Summit 2022'

Turkey's Leading Human Resources Managers Meet
Turkey's Leading Human Resources Managers Meet at 'CHRO Summit 2022'

One of Turkey's most important sectoral summits, CHRO SUMMIT 2022, where the top human resources managers of leading companies in their sectors come together, will take place in Istanbul on May 24. Berat Süphandağ, Chairman of the Board of Artı365, who has been serving in the field of Human Resources for many years, will also take his place at this year's summit.

Süphandağ, who has experience in employment policies and the compliance of companies with these processes, emphasized the importance of this summit, which will take place in terms of evaluating the integrated development of employment, business life and human resources with technology, which has been updated with the pandemic.


Stating that women's unemployment, which is a fundamental problem in the world as well, has made rifts in the development of our economy in our country, Süphandağ expressed that they will bring this issue to the top with effective solution proposals. Arguing that the labor force data, which fluctuates periodically during the pandemic process, should take a more stable route without being affected by external factors, Berat Süphandağ said that the current incentives of the state are important in this regard and that companies should also be actively integrated into government incentives in order to minimize women's unemployment. stated.


Stating that they have been following the course of women's participation in the workforce and women's unemployment for a long time and they have been working on this issue, Artı365 Chairman of the Board Berat Süphandağ showed with the graphics they prepared that the employment incentive numbered 2011, which came into effect in 6111, has changed the statistics positively in 11 years.

As can be seen in the graph, a positive picture has emerged since 2011, the first year of the incentives that started to be implemented with the aim of preventing unemployment of women and youth. Stating that companies should also benefit from these processes effectively and completely, Süphandağ emphasized that we can see these tables more positively with the right steps.

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