Tire Repair

tire repair
tire repair

Tires of automobiles, light commercial vehicles or motorcycles are vital parts. Without tires, the vehicle cannot move forward. In addition, the condition and characteristics of the tires; It directly affects safe driving, performance driving and economical driving. For this reason, it is necessary to use tires suitable for the season and not to neglect the maintenance of the tires. In addition, tire pressure control and balancing are issues that should be considered. When the time comes, it is necessary to change the tires, that is, to renew them. Tire patching can be done for a torn or punctured tire. Holes or tears can be closed with tire repair. So, what is a tire patch?

Auto Tire Patch / Tire Repair

Tire repair is done for holes and tears that may occur in tires due to road conditions. Tires can continue to be used after the process that should be applied at a car care point. Tire repair requires equipment and experience. However, we can summarize the process as follows:

  • The tire to be repaired is separated from the rim.
  • The flat spot in the tire is detected. If a punctured or torn tire is on the sidewall, it cannot be repaired. Tire change is the healthy option here. However, if there is a breakout in an area other than the cheek, a patch can be made.
  • The punctured part is first grinded from the inside. The patch piece is then glued and ground to a smooth surface.
  • The tire is attached to the rim and checked.
  • Finally, the balance must be adjusted.

Important Issues in Auto Tire Use

With tire repair, torn and punctured patches can be repaired. This allows the tire to be used for a while. However, it is necessary to pay attention to other issues in auto tires for safe, high performance and efficient driving. These:

  • Tire Maintenance and Air Pressure Check

You should check the air pressure of your vehicle's tires from time to time. This value is especially important when going on a long journey. The general condition of the tires is also checked during periodic maintenance or auto check-up. Thus, care is taken not only for safe driving, but also for the longevity of the tires.

  • Winter Tire & Summer Tire Application

In our country and in many countries around the world, it is obligatory to use tires according to the season. Because summer tires offer safe driving on dry roads, but they can slip on wet roads. Winter tires also cause unnecessary fuel consumption on dry roads in summer. Paying attention to this is important to ensure tire change.

  • Tire Tread Depth

Auto tires wear out over time due to the material they are produced from. Adding the weight of the vehicle to the road contact and friction effect, it accelerates the wear of the tires. Road conditions, constant high speed driving, sudden braking and not using tires according to the season can also cause rapid wear. Depending on the type of tire, a tread depth of less than 3 mm is generally not accepted. If the tread on the sidewall of your tire is less than 3 mm, you may need to replace the tire. If you do not pay attention to this and continue to use the vehicle in this way, your vehicle will not pass the inspection. In addition, the braking distance is shortened.

auto rim tire repair You can safely get support from the nearest Otopratik service for you. You can continue on the road by completing the tire repair of your vehicle.

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