İSKİ Switches to Smart Water Meter

ISKI Su Subscribers Switch to Smart Counter
ISKI Su Subscribers Switch to Smart Counter

İBB is implementing the technology that will read the meters remotely. With the application to start in the pilot regions, İSKİ will reach the meter data by wireless communication method as of June. Problems in physical meter readings will be eliminated. The application, which will begin for water subscribers, will include natural gas meters after the tests.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which puts smart meters on its agenda in order to overcome the problems in physical meter reading, is starting the first applications in the pilot regions. Invoices in TOKİ Houses in the 15 July District of Esenler district and in the Dusler Vadisi Riva Housing Project in the Riva District of Beykoz district, which are determined as the pilot region, will now be read from afar. As of June, the project will start in 2 thousand 124 residences in Esenler and 500 thousand XNUMX residences in Beykoz. With the activation of the system, IMM will provide significant savings and efficiency in terms of personnel and costs.


Noting that they have implemented the smart meter infrastructure with the principle of adapting technology to their services, İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu shared that they plan to complete the transition to a total of 2022 thousand smart meters in 20. Noting that they are conducting test studies at certain points throughout Istanbul, Mermutlu said, “With the smart meter project, we will be able to remotely perform the reading operations that we carry out by going to the subscriber's residence every month. Again, we will be able to perform operations such as on-off remotely. In addition, we will be able to provide instant information about consumption values ​​to Istanbul residents. While realizing all these, we will also provide significant savings in both time and costs. We are currently in the testing phase. If it is efficient, we aim to spread it throughout Istanbul," he said.


LoRaWAN technology is used in the project, in which IMM subsidiary ISTTELKOM undertakes the telecommunication infrastructure part. ISTTELKOM AŞ General Manager Yücel Karadeniz stated that operations such as meter reading, opening and closing of the 'LoRaWAN' communication system will be carried out in a remotely controlled manner, and said that they aim to make economic contributions by saving on field labor costs thanks to the project.


LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless IoT communication technology that provides long-distance, bidirectional, open source, reliable, low-power consumption and cost-effective transfer of data. Using radio frequency ranges, LoRa can establish a connection in open area at a distance of up to 15 km, while devices connected at the endpoint can maintain communication from 8 to 15 years without any problems.

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