TCDD Transportation Solution Center Evaluated 120 Thousand Requests From Citizens

TCDD Transport Solution Center Evaluated Thousand Requests From Citizens
TCDD Transportation Solution Center Evaluated 120 Thousand Requests From Citizens

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, visited the Solution Center, which has been serving since August 4, 2021, and got information about the works. Emphasizing that all institutions should keep up with the digitalizing world, Pezuk said that they aim to make business activities better and better with the Solution Center application.

Speed ​​and efficiency in the digital field of the Solution Center kazanGeneral Manager Hasan Pezük, who stated that he “Perfect is the enemy of the good. The Solution Center is a very important tool for achieving better and better in a good interaction with our passengers. With the Solution Center application, which we have implemented as an important step to ensure effective and efficient functioning in our institution, you can use the Whatsapp line 0507 321 82 33, the web address, the e-mail address, social media accounts and EYBİS. Customer requests coming from communication channels, including the mobile application, are managed from a single center.” said.

“120 thousand requests from our citizens were evaluated”

Stating that 120 requests have been received from the day the Solution Center was established to date, and that these were directed to the relevant units, the problems were resolved quickly in line with these demands, and the service quality was improved in line with the feedback, "As TCDD Transportation, high-speed trains, mainline, regional trains, We transport millions of passengers per day on Marmaray and Başkentray, and millions of tons of freight with our freight trains. In a service sector that runs 365/7, 24 days, it is of great importance to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, it is very important that all units quickly evaluate the feedback from customers in a healthy coordination and take action in this direction. Therefore, we also attach importance to control and audit so that all units can evaluate the data received through the Solution Center very well. I also follow these processes closely.” he stated.

Pezük also stated: “We believe that we have established a sincere and healthy interaction with our citizens with the Solution Center application in line with the vision of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. We see the Solution Center as an important application that determines the perception of our citizens about our Organization.”

TCDD Tasimacilik, the leading brand of passenger transportation in railways with YHT, mainline and regional trains, as well as urban transportation network, has signed a new application with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.

The Solution Center started service in August 2021…

TCDD Transportation General Directorate communicates with passengers through a single channel with the 'Solution Center' application, which it put into practice on August 4, 2021.

Apart from the Call Center communication line numbered 444 82 33, the application, in which all requests, complaints and suggestions of passengers are controlled through a single channel, plays an important role in finding faster and more effective solutions.

Passengers show great interest in the application, which can be requested through social media accounts, the WhatsApp communication line at 0 (507) 321 82 33, and the 'Solution Center' tab, which can also be accessed via the EYBİS mobile application.

The Goal is to Return within 30 Minutes…

The Solution Center application plays an active role in finding solutions to problems with the ease it provides for passengers, as well as the advantage of in-house communication.

With the Solution Center application, the information flowing through many channels and integrated with each other is evaluated, and the disruptions are intervened quickly, and the process is easily followed.

Applications made by citizens through the Resolution Center are recorded in the system within 5 minutes, and it is aimed to respond within 30 minutes, except for issues that require research or spread over a certain period of time.

Citizens Communicate All Kinds of Problems to the Solution Center…

The resolution center receives approximately 600 applications on a daily basis.

In addition to requests for help such as train services, ticketing procedures, lost items, citizen suggestions are mainly transmitted to the system.

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