'Strategy Plan' to Direct the Energy Sector from MUSIAD

Strategy Plan to Guide the Energy Sector from MUSIAD
'Strategy Plan' to Direct the Energy Sector from MUSIAD

MUSIAD International Energy Summit was held at MUSIAD Headquarters with the participation of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez. Speaking at the event, MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmalı announced the Energy Strategy of MUSIAD. In his speech emphasizing the importance of independent and national energy, President Asmalı said, "Turkey is on the way to become an important energy center with its unique geopolitical position in the world and the new energy policies implemented."

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) organized an International Energy Summit with the participation of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez. In the program held at MUSIAD Headquarters, hosted by MUSIAD President Mahmut Asmalı, International Energy Agency (IEA) President Dr. Fatih Birol, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the OECD Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, President of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Francesco La Camera made evaluations. At the event, MUSIAD Secretary General Dr. Moderated by Cihad Terizoğlu, Mediterranean Countries Energy Companies Association (OME) Oil and Gas Director Assoc. Dr. Sohbet Karbuz, Vice President of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Dr. “New Energy Policies: 4-2023” panel was held with the participation of Oğuz Can, MÜSİAD 2053th Term Chairman and Chairman of the Natural Gas Equipment Industrialists and Businessmen Association (DOSİDER) Ömer Cihad Vardan. After the panel where future energy policies were discussed, under the moderation of Architects and Engineers Group Chairman Bülent Şen, Altuğ Karataş, Chairman of MUSIAD Energy and Environment Sector Board, Eksim Holding General Manager Sabahattin Er and OECD Permanent Representative Energy Consultant Barış Şanlı participated in the “Successful Energy Transformation”. for Investments” panel was held.

MUSIAD has determined 3 basic principles with its energy strategy

Sharing the “MUSIAD Energy Strategy” with the participants at the MUSIAD International Energy Summit, Chairman Mahmut Asmalı pointed out that independence in energy is possible with the development of domestic and national energy resources. President Asmalı stated that 3 basic principles were determined within the scope of MUSIAD Energy Strategy; He said that in this context, domestic, efficient and technology-oriented energy production and consumption, the construction of Turkey's energy industry and an independent, reliable generation road Turkey perspective in energy are planned.

President Asmalı made the following statements in his evaluation: “MÜSİAD, which set out with the dream of an economically active and respected Turkey in the world, aims to reduce the use of traditional energy resources, to expand renewable and clean energy resources, and to increase energy efficiency, in collaboration with the Energy and Environment Sector Board. At the MUSIAD Visioner21 Summit, we invited the business world to an all-out struggle with the climate crisis, especially with the motto of 'Make a Difference to the Climate'. We believe that the 10-item Climate Manifesto we have published will create a different awareness on issues such as sustainable renewable energy, green fuel projection, circular economy, digitalization of energy, and zero energy production. We work in cooperation and great synergy with our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, our non-governmental organizations that develop different projects in this field, and our energy-oriented companies. Turkey is on the way to become an important energy center with its unique geopolitical position in the world and the new energy policies implemented.”

“strategy plan” from MUSIAD that will change the dynamics in energy

Stating that as MUSIAD, an 11-item strategy plan has been prepared within the framework of the basic principles determined in the field of energy, MUSIAD President Mahmut Asmalı said that with the new road map prepared, they aim to touch the energy dynamics with a guiding vision in shaping the energy policies of the future.

President Asmalı listed the items of the MUSIAD Strategy Plan as follows:

1- The share of renewable energy in electricity production should be increased to 2050 percent by 75, and our share in the world renewable energy pie should be increased to 3 percent. The bureaucracy of individual renewable energy investments should be zeroed.

2-Energy efficiency is a domestic and national energy source. With the 10-20-40 model, a national energy efficiency mobilization should be declared by providing 10 billion dollars of financing for energy efficiency investments in the next 20 years, and setting a target of 40 billion dollars reduction in energy efficiency and imported energy.

3- While we support oil and natural gas exploration activities with all our might, we propose that natural gas and nuclear energy be taken into green fuel status within the scope of climate change targets. In this context, the production of renewable and low-carbon gases should be emphasized and the development of domestic technologies should be encouraged.

4- In order to achieve our greenhouse gas emission targets and increase our independence in energy, we demand that the share of nuclear energy in total electricity production be increased to 20 percent in 20 years.

5-We demand the creation of an energy industry strategy that will support our domestic and national energy policy. We hope to focus on the development of domestic energy technologies with the cooperation of the public, university and industry. Turkey can be the number one supplier of the EU, which sets a clean energy target in renewable energy equipment production. MUSIAD aspires to take part in this move with its members. In this context, I would like to proudly state that an investment decision has been made in the production of photovoltaic panels with MÜSİAD members.

6-We demand that a national hydrogen move, which will be able to export 20 billion dollars/year in 5 years, will be started and an environment suitable for investment in Turkey will be created for domestic and foreign capital.

7-Turkey in the center of three continents; We expect the continuation of the will to both guarantee the increasing demand in energy and strengthen its position as a stable energy supplier, with the slogan 'The World's Energy Belt Road Turkey' by increasing the oil and gas lines passing through its territory.

8-Energy; It may turn into an income item, not an expense for Turkey. Young, qualified employment force is required for this transformation. With the work to be done, Turkey should initiate the energy employment move that will provide 10 thousand new employments for the energy transformation in 200 years.

9-We demand the creation of a legislative infrastructure that will reach 7 billion dollars of energy savings per year in 10 years with the transformation of the existing building stock and the mobilization of financed domestic production insulation. With this policy, energy savings, domestic production, economic revival and employment will be achieved. This is also an important factor in reducing foreign dependency on energy.

10- Together with our domestic car TOGG, studies should be carried out to provide the necessary energy for electric vehicles from distributed energy and renewable energy. In this context, increasing incentives and supports for storage technologies is important for this transformation.

11- Sustainable supply and safety of critical minerals, which is the most important need for energy transformation, is one of our main items for transformation.

The country that is self-sufficient in energy: Turkey

Speaking at the MUSIAD International Energy Summit program, MUSIAD Energy and Environment Sector Board Chairman Altuğ Karataş said that they aim to contribute to the goal of Turkey, a self-sufficient country in energy, within the framework of the determined plan.

Altuğ Karataş, Chairman of MUSIAD Energy and Environment Sector Board, continued his words as follows: “With our MUSIAD Energy Strategy announced by our Chairman Mahmut Asmalı, we clearly reveal our views on Turkey's future energy. Energy is life, it is the most important need of the industrial and technology age. Turkey is one of the countries least affected by the energy crises experienced in many parts of the world, and it has the knowledge, experience and experience to turn this crisis into an opportunity with its strategic location. We see the beginning of a great transformation in energy. Of course, there will be those who keep up with this transformation and those who cannot. We believe that this transformation holds great opportunities for Turkey, and that energy is a key from production to employment. As the business world, we want to invest in the future of energy. From a country that needs foreigners even to extract its energy resources, we have become a country that creates its own companies, trains its own engineers and carries out its activities with its own ships. We now produce our own clean energy. And within this framework, we must continue our necessary efforts with the goal of 'The country that is self-sufficient in energy: Turkey', by obtaining all these technologies with our domestic and national industry, in our future plan.”

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