Science and Art Centers (BİLSEM) is becoming widespread

Science and Art Centers BILSEM Expands
Science and Art Centers (BİLSEM) is becoming widespread

Science and art centers (BİLSEM), which conduct comprehensive education and support programs for gifted students, are becoming widespread. Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that they set the target of opening 125 new BİLSEMs and increasing the number in Turkey to 2022 by the end of 350, and noted that the target was exceeded in four months. Özer said that the number of BİLSEM was increased to 355.

As a result of the efforts to increase access to BİLSEMs, the Ministry of National Education increased the number of BİLSEMs from 81 in 184 provinces to 2021 by the end of 225. In order to make the centers more accessible, it was aimed to increase the number of BİLSEM to 2022 in 350.

In the first four months of 2022, the year-end target was exceeded. Having put into service 130 new centers since the beginning of the year, the MEB increased the number of BİLSEMs in 81 provinces to 355.

Making an evaluation on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said: “We are constantly improving the infrastructure and opportunities of the BİLSEMs, which we provide support by applying different education programs so that our gifted students can improve their abilities. At BİLSEMs, we attach great importance to product development studies for patent, utility model, design and trademark registration. On the other hand, we are trying to increase the accessibility of BİLSEMs in all our provinces and districts. We do not want our gifted students to travel long distances between districts in order to attend BİLSEM. For this purpose, we increased the number of BİLSEM, which was 81 in 184 provinces, to 2021 by the end of 225. Our target in 2022 was to open 125 new BİLSEMs and increase this number to 350. We have opened 130 new BİLSEM since the beginning of the year. Thus, we exceeded the year-end target of 2022 and increased the number of BİLSEM to 355.”

There are 554 workshops in BİLSEMs, 183 of which are general talent, 232 are music and 969 are visual arts. MEB; BİLSEMs provide support for special talents from the 2nd to the 12th grade, including adaptation, support education, awareness of individual talents and development of special talents, as well as project production and management.

Recently, BİLSEMs have focused on creating digital content and expanding animation workshops. In BİLSEMs in 81 provinces, a total of 12 thousand 579 students receive education, of which 43 thousand 954 are at primary school, 10 thousand 842 at secondary school and 67 thousand 375 at high school.

BİLSEMs are also working successfully on intellectual property. BİLSEMs, which made 2021 product registration applications, including 184 patents, 394 utility models, 2 thousand 63 designs and 16 brands, received the registration of 2 products, including 657 patents, 13 utility models, 39 designs and 1245 brands.

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