Philippine Contemporary Art to be Spoken at AKM

Philippine Contemporary Art Will Be Discussed at AKM
Philippine Contemporary Art to be Spoken at AKM

Atatürk Cultural Center will host a conference called "When the Dust Sets" as part of the "Philippine National Heritage Month" celebrations. The conference, which will mirror the emergence of modern and contemporary art in the Philippines in the light of historical events, will be presented by world-renowned Filipino artist Wawi Navarozza.

Atatürk Cultural Center is preparing to host a special event within the scope of "Philippine National Heritage Month". Within the framework of the celebrations of this meaningful month, AKM, which organizes a joint work with the Philippine Consulate General, will make a conference and visual presentation titled "When the Dust Sets".

The conference “When the Dust Collapses”, which will meet with the audience on May 17 between 17.00 and 19.00 at the Atatürk Cultural Center Library, is free and open to the public. A question and answer session will be held at the end of the event, which will be presented by the Filipino artist Wawi Navarozza, who continues his works in Istanbul and is the winner of many international awards. The conference, which will provide the participants with the opportunity to explain the art of the Philippines in the light of the events that shape history, will be in English.

Turning points that also transformed art

The focus of the conference, which is an enlightening and informative overview of the art history of the Philippines, is two social events that have an important place in the history of the country and Philippine contemporary art that sprouts under the influence of these events. It is known that the transformation that also shaped the contemporary art scene of the Philippines occurred with the destruction it suffered during the country's liberation from the colonial rule of the United States in 1945 and its exit from the Second World War. It is thought that these two periods, called "post-war" and "post-colonial" in the history of the Philippines, encouraged new thinkers and artists to produce discreet works in the country's climate, and these works allowed modern and new contemporary Philippine art to emerge in a unique environment.

The talent that brings the voice of the Philippines to the world: Wawi Navarroza

One of the remarkable aspects of the "When the Dust Collapses" conference, which is a part of AKM's efforts to bring together the movements and artists that shape the world's art, to the art lovers of Istanbul, is that it will be held with the presentation of Wawi Navarroza, a Filipino visual artist who is the winner of many international awards. Wawi Navarroza, one of the most successful artists gifted by the Philippines to the world art scene, is known for his photography works. Navarroza's art, which explores layered themes including identity and self as a transnational artist, woman, Asian and Filipino, stands out for her symbolic transformation of personal experience.

Throughout her career, Wawi Navarroza's works, which met with art lovers internationally, with extensive exhibitions, especially in galleries in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, London, Spain, Italy and Russia, apart from the Philippines, formerly Art Basel HK. He took part in many art fairs and international photography festivals. The artist, whose art has been reviewed in the books “Photography Today” (Phaidon), “Contemporary Photography in Asia” (Prestel) and Zuang Wubin's “Photography in South East Asia” (NUS Press), is a strong advocate of the printed format. There are also two separate books. The artist, who founded Thousandfold, a contemporary photography platform, in 2015; He is also the founder of Thousanfold's publishing arm, Thousandfold Small Press, and the first photography books library in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.

Today, the famous Navarroza, who continues her work in Istanbul, organizes periodic workshops both in the Philippines and abroad. The artist also takes place as a speaker at remarkable conversations, reviews and conferences on photography.

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