Who Is Snatch My Love? Where is he from and how old is he?

Who Is Snatch My Love?
Who Is Snatch My Love?

Who Is Snatch My Love? Where is he from and how old is he? Our answers to your questions are in this article… Snatch My Love, He was born on May 16, 1979 in Istanbul. He was very interested in reading and music from an early age. His family also supported this interest. Aşkım Kapışmak went to Arif Sağ Music House at the age of 12 and received conservatory education there.

He graduated from Marmara University Technical Sciences Faculty Vocational School. He started to study here, but he was not happy over time and completed his education at the American University Newport Behavioral Sciences-Psychology. While she was studying behavioral sciences, she worked as a volunteer for orphans.

My Love Snatching Professional Career

He organized communication seminars for many companies. During the 2011-2012 season, he prepared and presented the program called Buyrun Share on a TV channel live every weekday. During the 2012 Summer season, she prepared the Communication and Relationships section of Ayşe ile Alişan program every Friday. Kapişmak, who wanted to be more effective on stage, took communication, body language, diction, acting and performing arts classes at Müjdat Gezen Art Center and started to put on the stage as a one-man show.

Aşkım Kapişmak gained an advanced level of knowledge on psychology and human behavior in a short time. She started working as a lecturer at Marmara University. The writer, who made a name for himself with his skills, participated in motivational activities for children and youth in Maltepe Prison.

He served as a consultant for 4 years for the children who will take the exam in Final magazine classrooms. He started to give seminars throughout Turkey. Organized communication seminars for big brands. Aşkım Kapışmak shared his expertise with people by putting it into books over time. His books have been on bestseller lists.

My Love Books

  • Women Right Men Left
  • Will you cheat on me with me?
  • Little Book of Happiness
  • Which Mother Which Father Are You?

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