Istoc Plastics

Istoc Plastics
Istoc Plastics

Istoc is an area created by collecting plastic living tools and equipment. Istoc plastic manufacturers It is an environment where you can find many quality plastic products at affordable prices. As Lux Plastik, we produce many different plastic tools for your homes.

The products do not contain BPA and are not harmful to health. We include all plastic products from A to Z in our company and we work for customer satisfaction by using first quality materials. The products in the company are kitchen products, bathroom products, home and living products. Kitchenware; grater, dryer, knife set, children's stool, egg storage container, grater, sponge holder, egg cup, food storage container, mixer bowl, cutting board, dish mat, flask, strainer, cookie tin, sauce bottle, cutlery, snack bowl, cake dome and We produce many other kitchen tools.

The products are produced in different sizes and in different models in accordance with every need. household and living products; There are many products in our company such as shoe ramp set, shoe holder, towel rack, organizer, detergent dispenser, mask box, opener, bathroom mirror, multi-purpose box, dustbin, bag clip, purse purse, medicine box, tool bag and sewing box. Pattern and model options are available. bathroom products; Many products such as toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, toothbrush box, dustbin, bathroom corner, bathroom hanger, toilet paper holder, towel hanger, bathroom shelf and soap box are also offered to our customers.

All of the products are made of first quality materials and aim to make people's lives easier. Our plastic products are very easy to clean and they have a long service life. There is a corresponding sign on the products suitable for dishwasher washing. Our company creates many color and model options in its products for the satisfaction of its customers. The products are sold as wholesale and details such as the number of items in the box, product weight, box volume, product volume, box size and box weight are written in the descriptions of our products. Our plastic products attract people's attention with their decorative appearance as well as their quality.

The products are very easy to use due to their light weight. Our plastic products are also highly resistant to impacts. In addition to plastic products, glass products are also available in our company, if you wish, you can take a look at our glass products. Our lux plastic company, which is among the Istoc plasticists, works with its professional team for customer satisfaction, our customers can easily find all kinds of plastic products they are looking for in our company, which tries to offer the best quality products to its customers at the most affordable prices.

The company has been producing living equipment that makes life easier with quality product designs for 30 years. Our products are exported to more than 5 countries in 90 continents. We manufacture products using advanced technology tools. Our Lux Plastik company has 12 quality certificates. Our company follows new trends and keeps up with developments. Thanks to our company, which includes all imaginable plastic tools, it is very easy to find the desired products. Our company produces 2.000.000 pieces per month.

After the products go through the production stage, they undergo a strict quality control test, our products that pass this stage are presented to our customers, problems are detected in faulty products, and solutions are produced to avoid such a situation again. We make consumer analysis before designing the products, and after this analysis stage, we design our products.

The molds of the products are produced in our own mold house, which is a feature that distinguishes us from other companies. We are working to add new products to our structure every day. While sending the products to our customers, we also work very meticulously during the shipping phase and we make sure that our products reach our customers properly. Plastic products do not contain substances harmful to health.

You can easily use the products not only in your homes, but also in areas such as travel, picnic, sports, hiking. Due to their light weight, our products can be easily transported. If you want to get more detailed information about the products, you can contact us from the contact section of our website. If you want to see our products in a more comprehensive way, you can review our products from the catalog section of our website.

If you want to learn the prices of the products you like or to buy from our products, you can click the get price button on our site, add the products for which you want to get a price quote and learn their prices. While our company works for its customers, it also tries to protect the nature, environmental risk factors are examined and precautions are taken. Company wastes are recycled and company sustainability is supported.

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