Istanbul Weather: What will the weather be like at the weekend?

Istanbul Weather Weekend Weather
Istanbul Weather How Will The Weather Be At The Weekend?

📩 19/05/2022 11:25

According to İBB AKOM data, temperatures in the afternoon are expected to regress to spring values ​​and heavy thunderstorms are expected throughout the province.

It is expected that the wind, which is currently blowing slightly from the south, will strengthen from the north directions (40-75km/h) as of noon, and the temperatures, which are around 25°C, are expected to decrease by 5-8°C. With the decrease of temperatures to spring values, it is estimated that there will be strong thunderstorms in places throughout the province.

The precipitation, which is expected to start in Arnavutköy, Silivri and Çatalca districts from noon (12:00), is expected to be effective throughout the province after noon (15:00). It is predicted that the rainy weather will lose its effect at night (22:00), and the cool weather will lose its effect from Friday morning hours.

Short-term and sudden heavy rains can occur due to the cold air coming with strong winds from the north after the hot and humid weather. Short-term and sudden downpours, along with storms and thunder at the time of precipitation, leave a significant amount of precipitation, even if it does not exceed a few hours.

IMM keeps its teams ready in the field so that transportation is not disrupted due to heavy rains and floods do not occur on roads and stream beds. Citizens are also advised to be careful against negativities such as falling trees and flying signs.

What will the weather be like in Istanbul at the weekend?

In the city, where heavy and thundery showers are expected today, it is expected to be very cloudy on Thursday, while temperatures are expected to be at seasonal normals. While it is expected to be partly cloudy on Friday, temperatures that fell to 18 degrees are expected not to rise to 22 degrees. While it is expected to be slightly cloudy and clear on Saturday, partly cloudy weather is expected to be effective in Istanbul on Sunday.

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