Award-Winning Hyundai STARIA Goes on Sale in Turkey

Award-Winning Hyundai STARIA Released in Turkey
Award-Winning Hyundai STARIA Goes on Sale in Turkey

Hyundai now offers a completely different alternative to Turkish consumers with its comfortable new model STARIA. Offering special solutions for both families and commercial businesses with this special and futuristic model, Hyundai is making a very important attack in terms of mobility.

Bringing a completely different dimension to commercial models in terms of design, Hyundai offers the elegant and spacious STARIA and 9-person comfort together. Symbolizing the combination of the latest technology with a striking and futuristic design, STARIA fulfills its daily routine tasks without any problems, while at the same time providing maximum benefit for family use. Having a pleasant drive, the car offers a high level of comfort to its passengers with the mobility experience in its interior.

Among the general design features of STARIA, Hyundai's new design product, is an "inside-out" approach. Giving priority to indoor use, Hyundai can arrange the seating system in STARIA depending on the needs. At the same time, it offers an alternative to its segment with the materials used in the cockpit and accessories.

Expressing his views on the new model offered for sale, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “The Hyundai brand is undergoing a great change and development all over the world. We are one of the fastest growing brands in the world. As a brand, we are moving rapidly towards becoming a brand that moves away from being a traditional manufacturer and provides mobility solutions that shape the future of human beings and make our lives easier in all areas. In this direction; With the 2022-seat STARIA, our second innovation in 9, we say hello to the MPV segment, which we have not been in for a long time.

We believe that STARIA will make a significant difference in Turkey with its design that makes a difference thanks to its headlights, its usefulness that offers a comfortable and comfortable journey to all its passengers, its high quality, its technological features that offer new approaches, and its spacious interior that fits the Turkish family structure.”

A spaceship-like, futuristic design

STARIA's exterior design consists of simple and modern lines. Viewed from space, the silhouette of the world at sunrise also inspired the design of the new MPV. The flowing design stretching from front to back creates a modern ambiance here. Stretching from front to back in a curved motion, the design philosophy is inspired by the space shuttle and cruise ship. At the front of STARIA, there are horizontal daytime running lights (DRL) and high and low beam headlights that run across the width of the vehicle. The wide grille with stylish patterns gives the car a sophisticated look. kazanyelling.

Hyundai has prepared the front part with the same body color to maximize the modern look of the vehicle. The lowered body structure and large panoramic windows on the sides support the overall view. These windows provide a sense of spaciousness to the vehicle and seriously increase the spaciousness inside. The traditional Korean architectural style known as “Hanok” is very evident in STARIA's interior. It allows the passengers inside the vehicle to enjoy a comfortable and spacious driving experience as if they were outside.

At the rear, there are eye-catching vertically placed taillights. The back, supported by a wide glass, has a simple and pure appearance. The rear bumper helps passengers load and unload their luggage easily. For this reason, the loading threshold is left at a low level. A different identity for commercial vehicles kazanOffering a luxurious look that is far from the ordinary, STARIA also has very special technological elements that meet all expectations in its segment.

Functional and premium interior

Influenced by space in its exterior design, STARIA is inspired by the lounge of a cruise ship in its interior. Innovative design architecture with lower seat belts and large panoramic windows provides a spacious and calm environment for vehicle occupants. The driver-oriented cockpit features a 4.2-inch color digital display and an 8-inch touchscreen center front panel. In addition to the wireless charging feature, it is also possible to charge mobile devices with USB charging ports located on each seat row. While keyless entry and start, electronic parking brake, automatic front and rear air conditioning and rear view camera make daily life easier, it has a capacity of 3 people, including the driver, with its 3+3+9 seating arrangement.

While Hyundai engineers are designing the interior of STARIA, it also provides the opportunity to carry cargo or goods. The cushions of the seats, which can be folded in a 60/40 ratio, are also tilted upwards, providing extra space. When the waists of all the rear row seats are also folded down, an enormous cargo space is obtained even without removing the seats. Luggage capacity provides 1.303 liters of volume when the rear row seat is moved forward. This gives the green light to both family and commercial use.

Hyundai STARIA is imported to our country with a 2.2-liter CRDi engine option and an 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. This diesel engine, which is both economical and performance, has 177 horsepower. The maximum torque of this engine developed by Hyundai is 430 Nm. The front-wheel drive Hyundai STARIA also has a brand new platform and suspension system. Produced with a multi-link rear suspension, the car transfers the optimized engine performance to the road in the best way, while at the same time offering extra comfort and driving pleasure on long journeys. While Hyundai STARIA is offered for sale in our country with 5 different body colors (Deep Black Pearlescent, Silver Grey, Cream White, Graphite Gray and Midnight Blue), it includes a gray and black color combination in its interior.

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