How to Use Pos Device? How to Buy a Pos Device from the Bank?

How to Use a POS Device How to Buy a POS Device from a Bank
How to Use a Pos Device How to Buy a Pos Device from a Bank

Payment methods have evolved considerably over the past few decades, and consumers are beginning to move beyond cash flow for their daily transactions with ease. So much so that everyone now has at least one debit or credit card in their pocket. Naturally, POS devices, which allow businesses to receive card payments, have also come to the fore as one of the most critical components of business operations.

How to Use Pos Device?

Equipped with user-friendly features, modern POS devices allow to perform many transactions with just a few taps. If you are going to use the POS device for the first time; You need to insert a roll of paper to print sales receipts and a sim card to connect the device to the internet. However, the use of the POS device includes different steps depending on the brand, software, type of device and type of operation to be performed.

To sell with a POS device:

  • After entering the amount of goods or services, press the green "Enter" button.
  • Use the “Enter” key again to confirm the amount.
  • Then make the payment with magnetic, chip or contactless.
  • You can make contactless payment by bringing the card close to the POS device, inserting the chip payment into the chip reader, and making the magnetic payment by swiping the card on the side of the device.
  • After scanning the card, choose one of the cash sales or installment sales options.
  • Ask the cardholder to enter their password.
  • Finally, give the first copy of the slip paper printed by the POS device to the customer, and keep the other one.

To make an end-of-day transaction with a POS device:

  • In order for the sales transactions to be sent to the bank and recorded, you must receive an end-of-day report at least once a day. If the report is not received, the POS device does not allow sales for the next day transactions.
  • Press the F (Function) key on the device for the end of day report.
  • On the screen that opens, first enter the "Workplace Menu", then the "End of the Day" tab.
  • You can print the end of day report by entering the workplace password requested from you.
  • In order to print a Z report from the POS device, you must also press the "F" key and follow the instructions on the screen.

To make returns and cancellations with the POS device:

  • You should make cancellations for credit and debit cards before you receive the end of day report. For cancellations after the end of the day process, you need to contact the bank.
  • Enter the “Cancel” tab in the menu by pressing the red “Cancel” key or the “F” key on the device.
  • After entering the workplace password, type the code of the transaction you want to cancel and press the "Enter" button. You can see this code on the sales receipt.
  • Read the bank or credit card to be canceled and press the "Enter" button again.
  • Finally, ask the cardholder to enter the card password and cancel.
  • As a result of the cancellation, keep the first slip issued by the device, and give the second slip to the customer.

Things to consider for safe POS use:

  • Before the transaction, inspect the front of the card and check the presence of Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Electron or Maestro logos on it.
  • Check the expiry date of the card and make sure that the transaction date is within the expiry date.
  • Check for the customer signature and security code on the back of the card.
  • Match the last four digits of the card with the last four digits on the sales receipt.
  • For suspicious transactions, make sure that the payment is made with a password.

How Can You Get Your Pos Device?

There are many easy ways to get a POS device, but you need to determine your business' collection methods for a machine that fits your needs. As a matter of fact, there are different types of POS devices for businesses that receive payment at the desk, pay at the cash register, takeout and deliver, sell online and collect without a physical card.

The main POS devices that stand out at this point are as follows:

  • Cash Register POS/OKC
  • Mobile POS
  • Virtual POS
  • Contactless POS
  • Collection by Link
  • mail order PO

So, how to buy a POS device? You can get the most suitable POS device for your business from banks that you are a customer or member of, and from companies that sell devices.

How to Buy a Pos Device from the Bank? Steps to Follow

As banks offer innovative solutions for their needs and provide 7/24 support, they are the first choice of businesses in POS solutions. Although the steps to be followed and the documents to be submitted vary according to the bank, generally similar processes are progressing. You can apply through internet banking and branches to purchase a POS device from the bank you are currently a customer of or will work for for the first time.

Documents required for sole proprietorships:

  • tax plate,
  • Signature Circulars,
  • Identity document and photocopy of the applicant,
  • Commercial registry newspaper or chamber of tradesmen and craftsmen registration document.

Documents required for commercial partnerships:

  • tax plate,
  • Signature circular of company partners,
  • Identity documents and photocopies of all partners,
  • Trade registry gazette.

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