HOMETEX Excitement in the Home Textile Industry

HOMETEX Excitement in the Home Textile Industry
HOMETEX Excitement in the Home Textile Industry

BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay stated that the pandemic process caused a significant change in the supply chain and said, “We have become able to keep prices in some markets where we were not competitive before and had difficulty in selling products in home textiles. In the new period, we need to quickly enter the markets that are emptying especially from China and India.” said.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues to keep the pulse of the sectors by bringing companies together with expanded sectoral analysis meetings. The 'Extended Sectoral Analysis Meeting' of the 5th and 30th professional committees consisting of BTSO member home textile companies was held at the Chamber Service Building. In the meeting attended by BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay, Vice Chairman of the Board İsmail Kuş, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt and members of the assembly and committee, trade and investment opportunities in the home textile sector, HOMETEX Fair and the demands of the companies were evaluated. Speaking at the meeting, İbrahim Burkay said that in the last 2 years, the whole world has been struggling with economic and social problems, especially the pandemic. Burkay, who stated that the problems for the business world started again with the Russia-Ukraine war in a process where normalization started, said, “We are selling serious goods to Russia and Ukraine, especially in the textile sector in Bursa. Logistics activities in these markets have been completed for the last 3 months. Money transfers have come to a standstill. This situation adversely affected the cash flow balances and production capacities of the enterprises.” he said.


Evaluating the effects of the pandemic process on the home textile industry, President Burkay said, “When we look at the consumption habits in the world before the pandemic, spatial dependence had disappeared, especially in the new generation. Meeting the needs of the household was no longer a priority. This situation had a negative impact on the space textile industry. However, when the whole world closed to their homes with the pandemic, people started to see the deficiencies in their homes. From curtains to carpets, from furniture to accessories, everything in the house began to change. Our industry faced a serious demand. The fact that important manufacturers in the sector such as China, India, Spain and Portugal were affected by the adverse conditions of the pandemic, and the increase in logistics costs led to a significant change in supply. We have been able to fix prices in some markets where we were not competitive before and had difficulty in selling products. In the transition to the new normal, we must implement new projects. We are planning to carry out different studies for target markets both within BTSO and exporter associations.” he said.


Stating that the inflationary environment in the world will continue to affect the demands in the rest of 2022, President Burkay said, “2022 will not be the year we will catch up with the demand potential of last year.” said. Burkay stated that the latest statements of the FED and the European Central Bank and the interest rate hikes pointed out that the money in the emission will be withdrawn in some way, and continued his speech as follows: “These steps taken in terms of price stability and fighting inflation will negatively affect the consumer confidence index and reduce demand. During the pandemic process, companies made very important capacity investments. Machine tracks have been renewed. We cannot reduce production. Therefore, we need to quickly enter the markets that are emptying from China and India. We have a serious advantage in this regard. However, due to the fact that the foreign exchange system has not been established in these markets and there are problems in money transfers, we have to work in advance and in advance. We should not hurt when we say that we will work at full capacity. We are in a period where the correction of mistakes is much more difficult than in the past. As BTSO, we will organize B2B events and mini fair organizations in these geographies. It is a great benefit for our companies to follow these events.”


President Burkay, who also made evaluations about the HOMETEX Home Textile Fair, one of the world's largest fairs in the home textile sector, said, “We will organize the 26th of our fair this year in partnership with TETSIAD and KFA Fair Organization. We will organize a fair that befits our industry, with its procurement committees, trend and inspiration areas, and the quality of its stands. We carry out very meticulous studies in line with the demands of the sector, especially in the field of procurement committees. We were worried that buyers would not come from Russia, but we are faced with a very serious demand. Buyers from the American and European continents and the Gulf region will come to our fair. Especially the Gulf region is very important. We have not been able to sell goods to this market for the last 3 years. Now the wind has turned. Buyers will come from countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. HOMETEX, which is the first fair that will bring the industry together at an international level after a long time, will provide significant gains to our companies.” used the phrases.

The meeting, where BTSO 5th Professional Committee Assembly Member Erdoğan Akyıldız and 30th Professional Committee Chairman Burak Anıl gave information about the committee's work, ended after the exchange of views.

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