Green Bursa Rally on 27-29 May

Green Bursa Rally in May
Green Bursa Rally on 27-29 May

The Green Bursa Rally, which is traditionally organized every year by the Bursa Automobile Sports Club (BOSSEK), which celebrates its 50th anniversary, is being held for the 27th time on May 29-46 with the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

The rally, which is the second leg of the Shell Helix 2022 Turkish Rally Championship and will also score points for the Turkey Historic Rally Championship and the Oğuz Gürsel Rally Cup, will start with the start ceremony to be held on Friday, May 27 at 20.00 on the Traffic Training Track. The first day of the rally, which will consist of passing 465 special stages for two days on a long asphalt track, will start on Saturday, 10 May at 28 from the service area in the Bursaspor Stadium Car Park. On the first day of the rally, the teams will pass the Delice, Sırma and Dağakça stages twice, respectively, and finish the day in the service area from 09.00.

Starting at 29:09.00 on Sunday, 16.15 May, the teams will take the wheel again, and after passing the Hüseyinalan and Soğukpınar stages twice each, they will sweat to reach the finish podium at the aloft Bursa Hotel, which will also be used as the rally center as of XNUMX.

Before the first asphalt appointment of the 2022 season under the sponsorship of ICRYPEX, Orhan Avcıoğlu-Burçin Korkmaz from the Shell Helix 2022 Turkish Rally Championship was in the lead position, while in the Historic Rally Championship, Üstün Üstünkaya-Kerim Tar and Oğuz Gürsel from the Parkur Racing team won the TOSFED Rally Cup. Hakan Gürel-Çağatay Kolaylı from Castrol Ford Team Turkey is in the first place…

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