Who is Gönül Author?

Who is Gönül Author?

Who is Gönül Author?

Gönül Yazar, the master of Turkish classical music, nicknamed 'Stone baby', had an accident at home last year and broke his ribs. Now, another bad news has come from Gönül Yazar, who has been treated for a long time and regained her health.

Bad news came from 84-year-old Gönül Yazar, who has been on the agenda recently due to her health problems.

According to the news of the magazine program broadcast on TV8, Gönül Yazar lost his left eye completely.

It was stated that Gönül Yazar woke up at night and got up from his bed and hit his head against the wall as a result of his foot slipping. Gönül Author, who hit his eye on the pointed part of the wall, first had bruises in his eye area.

The bruise on Author's eye went away after about two weeks, during which time Gönül Yazır's left eye lost her sight.

In the following days, when the blurring started in the right eye of the writer, Gönül Yazar had two separate surgeries.

Who is the Heart Writer?

Mürşide Gönül Özyeğiner was born on August 12, 1936 in İzmir. He has a sister named Belkıs Özener.

He is one of the longest running names in Turkish music history. He has been professionally involved in music since 1954 and has been one of the favorite sound artists of TRT Ankara Radio. His first recording was a 1962 released in 78.

She entered her art life at the age of 22 and was selected first in the Aegean Sound Queen Competition. The artist, who entered Ankara Radio, benefited from the experience of teachers such as Fahri Kopuz and Suphi Ziya Özbekkan. She has always managed to be a popular and loved artist since the first years she was transferred from Ankara Radio to the Istanbul stages. His 1962 hit “Bak Varmış/I Couldn't Wear It”, published in 78, was the artist's first recording. She later released a single LP record. His first 45 hit was "My Butterfly/I'll ​​Be A Fan", which he published in 1965. Directed by Hulki Saner; The movie Taş Bebek, in which he shared the lead role with Göksel Arsoy, was so popular that it has been nicknamed “Taş Bebek” since then. After his first movie, he took part in dozens of films in which he shared the leading roles with the most famous actors of the era.

She shared the stage with great masters such as Gülriz Sururi and Adile Naşit in an English play called “Papas Trafiği” staged by Karaca Theater and sang to her fans from the theater stage. The stone baby of Turkish-style scenes, the author has also received acclaim with his records and programs in the pop music style. Yaşar Güvenir's 45, in which he sang his composition "Sensiz Saadet Nemış", earned him a gold record. His albums “Taş Bebek”, published in 1979, and “From Gönül to Gönüllere”, published in 1989, were highly appreciated.


She made her first marriage in 1, when she was 1952, with Necdet Yazar, who was 15 years older than her by raising her age with a court decision. The couple separated two years later.
He married for the second time in 2 with 1956-year-old Bedii Çapa.
He had his third marriage with Özden Çelik in 3.
She made her fourth marriage with football player Metin Oktay in 4.
She made her fifth marriage to businessman Ercan Akın in 5.
He made his 6th marriage to Sinan Birsel in 1979, the couple divorced 1 year later.
She made her 7th marriage to Fahrettin Akçınar in 1997. Seven months later they parted ways.
Gönül Yazar has a daughter named Yasemin Simavi.


Gönül Writer – Halime (1968) (Şençalar Record), I Enjoyed the Troubles (1970/ 1977) (Arya Record/ Yavuz Record), Gönül Writer – April Rain (1970) (Television Record), Gönül Writer – Under That Tree (1972) (Kervan Plak), In This Fading Garden (1973) (Atlas Record), Pebble Gala (1974) (Istanbul Record), Heart Writer – Nets Gezerim (1974) (Yavuz Record), Heart Writer – Taste of My Days Without You (1975) (Yavuz Record), Gönül Writer/Super Midi Play – You're Like Seasons (1975) (Yavuz Record), Never Mind Gönül (1978) (Elenor Record), Stone Baby (1979) (Elenor Record), Here's My World (1982) (Elenor Record), My Heart Book (1985) (Elenor Record), What Writes (19**) (Great/MC), From Heart to Hearts (1989) (Emre Plak), I Want to Love (1993) (Elenor) Plak), Forever (2010) (Ossi Music), Selections from Gönül Yazar (1974) (Yavuz Plak), Gönül Yazar with the Best (2006) (Ossi Music)

Gönül Author Films

Witness, (1992), Vurgun, (1973), Come, I Can't Come, (1969), The Road to Death, (1969), Black Eyed Evil, (1968), Aslan Hearted Reşat, (1967), Traffic Belma, (1967) ), Those Who Shot in Beyoğlu, (1966), I Loved a Poor Girl, (1966), They Shot Halime in a Haystack, (1966), Inmate, (1966), Bloody Grave, (1966), Prepare Your Grave, (1966) , Honor Is Written With Blood, (1966), From Lip to Heart, (1965), The Uncrowned King, (1965), 65 Hosni, (1965), Step Out Drunk, (1965), Who Knows Wins, (1965), A Strange Man, ( 1965), Get Out of the Way from Huseyin Bara, (1965), My Husband's Fiancee, (1965), Liar's Wax, (1965), Tweezer Ali, (1964), Bride Going to the Village, (1964), Fake Lover, (1964), Of Those Girls From Your Hand, (1964), Do You Have Me, (1964), Handcuffed Love, (1963), Hot Blood, (1962), Bride for One Night, (1962), A Spring Evening, (1961), Baby Stone, ( 1960)

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