Gaziantep's Peaceful Highland with Unmatched Beauty Will Be Opened to Tourism

Gaziantep's Peaceful Highland with Unique Beauty Will Open to Tourism
Gaziantep's Unmatched Beauty and Peaceful Highland Will Be Opened to Tourism

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated road, infrastructure and zoning plans in order to protect the endemic plants of Huzurlu Plateau, which has an altitude of 500 meters within the borders of Islahiye district, to open it to highland tourism.

After the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu announced that the Amanos Mountains from Hatay to Adıyaman were cleared of terrorism, all institutions in the city conducted field investigations in the region for both infrastructure and tourism investments, under the leadership of Gaziantep Governorship, to the Huzurlu Plateau in Islahiye District.

The protocol and its accompanying teams also listened to the problems of the citizens living in the region.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who made a statement after the examinations in the region, stated that the safety in the region was primarily ensured for services and investment plans started after this point, and said:

“We would like to thank our Minister, this will led by our President and the resulting point, our commander and the whole team. We had previously started work as a municipality. For security reasons, we could not progress the stages as we wanted. The whole world has accepted that we are a 'Green City' and we are trying to increase the diversity of tourism. We have cultural tourism and a magnificent highland tourism here. At an altitude of 400, we have a great treasure in terms of biodiversity and bird diversity. It is said that there is no other place in the world that has the climate and biodiversity of the Black Sea within the Mediterranean that we have been told. It is an extraordinary wealth.”

Stating that the planned works were not discussed before due to the security operations carried out in the region, President Şahin concluded his speech as follows:

“Now, under the coordination of our governor, our deputy is doing all our work in Ankara. Together with the local zoning master plan, we are creating a much more accurate model in highland tourism, with the successful efforts of the district governor and mayor in the district, bringing water to the highland, opening the road, coordinating the electricity and zoning. Examples of good highland tourism will be examined. We need to bring all the infrastructure with the lighting and electricity together with the zoning master plan immediately. We have the job. My governor gave all the instructions.”


Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul emphasized that Turkey is in its golden age in the fight against terrorism and said, “There is an extraordinary success not only in Gaziantep but also in every region of Turkey. On this occasion, I wish God's mercy on our martyrs. Our Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu made a statement last week. It's about the Amanos being cleared of terrorists from Hatay to Adıyaman. We are also in Amanoslar. When it is cleared of terrorism, the reconstruction and construction works accelerate. There is a tourism zone planning that started from the past. Together with our Metropolitan Mayor and deputy, we are planning who will do what and in what time. The important thing is to open it to the service of tourism and citizens as much as possible without spoiling the natural beauty," he said.


AK Party Central Decision and Administrative Board (MKYK) Member Shamil Tayyar stated that the settlement in the region started years ago and used the following expressions:

“As in many regions of Turkey, when terrorism settled here, it began to be associated with terrorism. Due to terrorism, we could not open this place to tourism, we did not have the opportunity to bring some services. The distance covered in the fight against terrorism in the recent period has brought an incredible success here. Security was ensured with the operation. When security was ensured, peace came to the plateau as it was named. All managers mobilized to provide services that were missing in this region. There are demands such as roads, water, electricity, telephone. These are very easy requests. I salute all the brave men who contributed to security under the leadership of our President. This place will get the place it deserves. One of the few places in the world. One of the richest endemic plant species. This place will be promoted both to Turkey and to the world.”

Islahiye Mayor Kemal Vural talked about the road works carried out in the region. He explained that transportation was hampered by the fact that the existing road, which was built in the 1950s, reached a snow thickness of up to 2 meters in winter. He added that the newly built road shortened the distance by 3 kilometers.

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