Finland Minimum Wage 2022

Finland Minimum Wage
Finland Minimum Wage

In our Finland Minimum Wage 2022 content, we will share with you the economic situation and minimum wage information in Finland, which is a European country. Working hours in Finland are quite low, but they work 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. Considering that the working hour in Turkey is 40 hours, this working hour in Finland is almost half of it.

What is the Finnish Minimum Wage?

Finland Minimum Wage 2022 as of 13 Euros per hour. In the monthly period, the minimum wage is over 3000 Euros. Living standards in Finland are quite high. Finland, which is in the top 20 in the world rankings, has a country score of 49 thousand.

Finland is among the countries that constantly improve itself with its development plans. The minimum wage in Finland is also extremely high, in line with the development plan. High wages in the country enable people to work efficiently.

Finland House Rentals

Finnish house rents are among the subjects researched by people who want to live here. House prices in Finland can be expensive, but it should be remembered that people's incomes are above the average here. In addition, since most people earn salaries above the minimum wage, rental prices are not among the serious expenses.

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