Export to 90 Countries by Sigma Elektrik

Export to Country from Sigma Electricity
Export to 90 Countries by Sigma Elektrik

Sigma Elektrik, which has achieved many successes in its nearly 30-year history, has grown by 2022 percent as of the first quarter of 10, despite the pandemic conditions. Sigma Elektrik Export Director Genco Uysal, who stated that their approach in customer relations management as well as their quality product exports to 90 countries was effective in this success, said, "We aim to deliver Sigma Elektrik products with the Made in Turkey stamp to over 2022 countries by the end of 100."

After the pandemic, Turkey's exports grew again by increasing the number of varieties, and attention was focused on companies that are successful in sectors where our country is not heard much, as well as traditional exporting sectors. Sigma Elektrik, which has an exceptional place among these companies, has proven that it deserves its leading position by registering a 2022% increase in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of 10. Sigma Elektrik Export Director Genco Uysal said, “In the low voltage sector, where very few companies can produce in our country, we stand out with our product quality and competitive prices, as well as the world-renowned European and Far East brands. For this reason, we are taking firm steps forward in line with our goal of increasing the number of countries we export from 90 to 2022 by the end of 100.”

“We have become a sought-after brand in national and international markets”

Producing almost the entire low voltage range, Sigma Elektrik became a sought-after brand in national and international markets with its products with international certificates and test reports approved by independent test institutions, and also managed to take part in international tenders. Genco Uysal explained the strategy underlying these successes as follows: “Our export strategy is primarily focused on taking quick action, a solution-oriented approach, increasing sales by visiting existing customers in their own markets, and finding new customers through hot sales.” Sigma Elektrik also made a difference in customer relations management. Uysal said, “When it comes to overseas trade, the trust you give to the customer, the sincerity you establish and making them feel that you are available at all times are of great importance. And we do that very well.”

Mexico and Brazil are target markets

Expressing that they have identified Australia, Mexico and Brazil as their priority target markets in 2022, Genco Uysal said, “There is a serious demand for our products in the South American market. By visiting these markets, we determine the most suitable sales network. Disruptions in the supply chain that occurred in China at the beginning of the pandemic led Australian companies to supplier countries other than China. In this sense, our competitive prices compared to European brands have been an advantage for us. As a matter of fact, we will see the results very soon.”

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