Environmentally Friendly Ekol Produces Its Own Energy

Eco-Friendly Ekol Produces Its Own Energy
Environmentally Friendly Ekol Produces Its Own Energy

Continuing its energy investments in line with the carbon neutral targets of the European Union Green Agreement, Ekol commissioned the largest solar power plant (GES) investment built on a single roof in the logistics sector. At the rooftop solar power plant installed in Lotus, the green facility with Europe's largest storage area, 2 megawatt-hours of energy will be produced in the first year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 400 households. Ekol became the first company in the sector to install panels of this size on a single roof with the Lotus GES project, which was completed on an area of ​​approximately 6.200 thousand square meters.

With the SPP, 70% of the Lotus Facility's energy consumption will be provided by the renewable energy source, the sun. While establishing a system that serves to reduce the emission of 3100 tons of CO2 per year with the investment, this also corresponds to the planting of 140 thousand trees.

At the Lotus Facility Solar Power Plant with a total installed power capacity of 5.589 kWp, 4,8 percent of this capacity will be obtained with 270 kWp by solar panels installed above the car park and 1,3 percent in the porch areas on the walkway.


Ekol Turkey Country Manager Arzu Akyol Ekiz said that Ekol sets an example for many companies from the sector and outside the sector in their SPP investments and installations and said, "With the installation of the first stage main roof area panels and the second stage carport-walkway canopy area panels, approximately 1 The investment cost of the project, which was completed in a year, was approximately 4 million dollars. The return on investment is expected to be less than seven years. The amount of the energy produced will be used directly for self-consumption as much as the facility's instantaneous needs. The excess of the instantaneous need will be given to the network and offsetting will be done. In this way, the facility is expected to save approximately 550-600 thousand dollars annually in electricity costs.” made the statement.

Drawing attention to the fact that Ekol is a company that invests in technological developments and protects the ecosystem with its investments in renewable energy, Arzu Akyol Ekiz said, “This year, we intend to produce 1345 MWh of energy annually with the solar power plant that will have an installed power of 1.600 KWp at our Ankara Lavender Facility. we foresee. Our work continues for our Yalova facility. We are planning to work on investments in all our facilities where it is possible to install GES in terms of roof statics and environmental conditions are favorable. We are working with all our strength for a sustainable world with both our facility investments and our transportation models. Thanks to intermodal transportation, our business model that serves the low-carbon economy, we have reduced carbon emissions by 10 thousand m438 of fuel in the last 3 years, and prevented the emission of 658 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. While we donate an area equivalent to a forest the size of approximately 700 football fields to our planet every month, we also prevented the use of fossil fuels equivalent to making 350 laps around the Earth.” he said.

Ekol, within the scope of harmonization with the European Union Green Agreement; By 1, it aims to be carbon neutral by reducing its absolute emissions (Scope 2-3-2030) by 2020 percent compared to the base year of 55, and by reducing the total emissions created by its vehicles making transportation in Europe by 75 percent by 2050.

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