Deutsche Bahn Canada Tender for Modernization of Toronto and Ontario Cities Kazanoutside

canada railway modernization
canada railway modernization

Deutsche Bahn International Operations (DB IO), a subsidiary of international DB firm, awarded the tender for a multi-billion dollar contract in Canada. kazanwas. As the lead partner of the joint venture, DB IO will undertake the planning, operation and maintenance of the regional rail passenger transport system in metropolitan Toronto and the surrounding province of Ontario. Order volume of the 25-year contract is tens of billions of dollars. The route network of 450 kilometers will be completely modernized and expanded.

“This transportation project is considered the most important in Canadian history, redesigning rail traffic around the Toronto metropolitan area from the ground up,” said DB Board Member Ronald Pofalla. “This layout is unique, there is nothing comparable in Germany and Europe. The tremendous technology and knowledge transfer and experience we have gathered in Canada directly benefits railroads in Germany. Profits also flow into our German network. With this international order, we are strengthening rail transport in Germany.”

The project begins immediately after the signing of the contract, with operational preparations and expansion of the railway network. The latest technology will be used for digitization and automation. At the same time, DB believes that the project will contribute to global climate protection.

“We are successfully exporting German rail and climate protection know-how,” said Niko Warbanoff, CEO of DB ECO Group. “As a global community, we can only achieve our climate goals if we work together. When we form partnerships, we learn from each other and support each other in transformation.”

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