Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky 2022 Presentation Meeting Held

Corendon Airlines Tahtali Run to Sky Introduction Meeting Held
Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky 2022 Presentation Meeting Held

At the 2365th Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky, the athletes will be on Tahtalı Mountain, which is 113 meters above sea level; It will push its limits in four different tracks, each more challenging than the next, namely 65 K Wooden Ultra Sky, 27 K Berg Sky Race, 12 K Wooden Run to Sky, and XNUMX K KemeRun.

In Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky, which will be held on 13-15 May 2022 in Kemer, one of the favorite tourism and cultural centers of Antalya, 18 athletes from 618 countries will push the limits to climb the sky in 4 different stages with a fascinating view.

Co-sponsors of “Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky”, supported by Corendon Airlines and Kemer Municipality, as well as TR Ministry of Youth and Sports, TR Antalya Governorship, TR Kemer District Governorship, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Turkish Athletics Federation, Beydağları Beach National Park: Olympos Cable Car While Touristica, Züber, Viking Hotels, Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, MEDIFIZ, Yörükoğlu, Yaşam Hospitals and Ceysu are the corporate partners of the race; Kemer Region Promotion Foundation (KETAV), Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KETOB), Kemer Businessmen's Association (KEMİAD). Organized for the eighth time, Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky will be held on Tahtalı Mountain, 2365 meters above sea level, in four different tracks: 113 K Tahtalı Ultra Sky, 65 K Berg Sky Race, 27 K Tahtalı Run to Sky, and 12 K KemeRun. The KemeRun track will be held for the first time at a distance of 12 kilometers in the center of Kemer.

In the "Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run To Sky" race, there will be surprises that will make the participants feel the enthusiasm of the festival. DJ performances, live music and surprise gifts at the “Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky” Expo area, which was set up in Kemer Olbia Park during the race. kazanActivities such as the "Paper Airplane Contest" will be held.

The introductory meeting of the organization, which will start at sea level and give the athletes the opportunity to reach the summit of the sky from the sea by running around Tahtalı Mountain, was held at the Corendon Playa Kemer Hotel.

Kemer Mayor Necati Topaloğlu, Corendon Airlines Chairman Yıldıray Karaer, Touristica Chairman Burak Tonbul, Olimpos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gümrükçü, Kemer Local Promotion Foundation (KETAV) Board Member Ayhan Çakıcı, Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association ( KETOB) Vice President Şinasi Gürocak, Running Academi Founder Özgür Tetik, Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky Organization Director Polat Dede attended.

Kemer Municipality Mayor Necati Topaloğlu: “Our sports organizations are growing every year”

We are making great efforts to make all people see this place and to diversify tourism. Our sponsors, supporters, everyone is taking the responsibility. We started this year with Sky to sea. It was an organization that started in the snow and ended in the sea. There is no precedent for such an organization in the world. Then we performed the Akra Gran Fondo. Now Tahtalı Run to Sky will be held. Our sports organizations are growing every year. Competitors who come here experience the beauties of Kemer. This year, 8 British competitors are here and it is said that this number will increase to 100 next year. However, there is no organization without sponsors and support. I am very grateful to those who supported me. I wish the contestants the best of luck.

Corendon Airlines Chairman of the Board Yıldıray Karaer: “We are very happy to be a part of this important race”

“As Corendon Airlines, we are among the biggest supporters of Turkish sports. Since the day we were founded, we have been combining the dynamism of tourism with the dynamism and enthusiasm of sports. As an Antalya-based company, we attach special importance to sports organizations organized in our city and sports clubs operating in Antalya.

Tahtalı Run to Sky is an international organization that creates value for the promotion of our city and significantly increases the awareness of Kemer. It has a very serious dimension that creates value for sports tourism as well. With our Corendon Playa Kemer brand, one of the Corendon Group hotels, we provide support to the organization in different dimensions. As Corendon Airlines, we are proud to be the title sponsor of the Tahtalı Run to Sky race, which we sponsored last year. We are very happy to be a part of such an important organization. We will continue to support such organizations in the years to come. As Corendon Airlines family, we wish all participants a successful race.

Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Run to Sky Organization Director Polat Dede: “This will be one of the best races in the world in the coming years”

When we first imagined this race in 2015, they said we are not very smart people. We always ran to the top. We always wanted this race to have a name. Considering that we were running into the sky with Haluk Özsevim, Head of Seven Communications Agency, we thought that this would suit Corendon Airlines. Mr. Yıldıray's thoughts were very important to us. We are doing a great job together here. Kemer Municipality and our Mayor are trying to turn this place into a sports destination. We thank our President for this. There's a lot of work here. Without Yedi İletişim and our other sponsors, we would not have been able to move this business forward. Now our race is officially registered as Sky Running. This year, one of the top 5 athletes in the world will fight for the summit with us. In the coming years, this will be one of the best races in the world. I thank everyone very much.

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