Capital Culture Road Festival Started

Baskent Cultural Road Festival Has Started
Capital Culture Road Festival Started

Capital Culture Road Festival, organized for the first time, started with a special opening program at Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum with the participation of Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

In his speech at the program, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy evaluated that in a world where the voice of the artist is heard more, the voice of peace, brotherhood and justice will be heard more.

Pointing out that humanity is going through hard times due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, Ersoy said, “We will beautify the world with painting, music, cinema, novels, love and poetry. For this reason, as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we have started a full-fledged culture and art mobilization in our country. We have increased our support in order for the voices of our artists to be heard all over our country and to resonate with the world.” said.

Ersoy, who said that they also started the Capital Culture Road Festival, which will make a very important contribution to the cultural and artistic life of the capital and make the impact of culture and art felt in different parts of the city, said that the festival will add vitality to the historical and current cultural riches of Ankara and bring its cultural heritage to the world showcase. said it was implemented.

Sharing information about the events to be held within the scope of the festival, Ersoy stated that in addition to world-renowned artists and orchestras, more than 2 events will meet with the citizens of the capital.

Valuable artists participated in the painting and sculpture competition

Reminding that they came together for the award ceremony of the State Painting and Sculpture Competition, which has been continuing uninterruptedly since 1939, within the scope of the festival, Ersoy said, "To exhibit the latest works of the artists together, to introduce new works to the art scene. kazanHe stated that this year, very valuable artists participated in the competition, which was organized to increase the productivity of the artists and accordingly to increase the efficiency of the artists.

Ersoy also congratulated the artists who achieved success in the fields of sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and painting in the 75th State Painting and Sculpture Competition.

“The art climate will be felt all over the country”

Stating that the cultural road festival they started in Istanbul is continuing with Ankara, Ersoy said, “We will organize a Cultural Road Festival in Diyarbakır in October so that this artistic climate can be felt all over our country. Later on, we will continue the activities in İzmir, Konya and Çanakkale.” he said.

Stating that they aim to contribute to the brand value of cities through festivals that will contribute significantly to the development of cities, Ersoy stated that it is no longer possible to separate culture and tourism from each other, and that with this understanding, they will create culture and art infrastructures at international standards.

Stating that as the Ministry, they will continue to contribute to the culture and art life in every field and that they will increase their support in order for cities to gain new advantages in their competition with world cities, Ersoy wished the opening of the events to be beneficial.

After his speech, Minister Ersoy presented gifts to the artists who received awards in the 75th State Painting and Sculpture Competition.

After the opening concert held by the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet, Ersoy visited the State Painting and Sculpture Competition Exhibition.

“We are trying to create new brand faces of our cities”

Making evaluations to the members of the press in the exhibition area, Ersoy noted that in order to become a tourism country and city, it will differentiate itself from competing countries in this field with culture and art.

Noting that the Ministry has invested a lot in this sense in the last few years, Ersoy said, “We are trying to create new brand faces of our cities. We want to show that these cities are also brands in culture and art. This makes our cities an attraction point for foreigners. When culture, art and tourism combine, we achieve tremendous results.” used the expressions.

Ersoy noted that they saw the return of the investments made in Istanbul this year, and that in the last month, especially with the start of the tourism season, many more tourists started to come to the city than in 2019, when records were broken.

Minister Ersoy then visited the Ethnography Museum, whose restoration work was completed, and opened it to visitors.

Capital Culture Road Festival

The Capital Culture Road Festival, which was brought to life by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to draw attention to Ankara's historical and cultural values ​​on an international scale, will host 5 events with the participation of 971 thousand 179 artists, 560 academics and historians.

The festival, which will meet with art lovers until 12 June with a program featuring star artists from Turkey and the world, will carry the enthusiasm of art to Ankara and surrounding cities. The festival will come to life at more than 70 stops that reflect the historical and modern face of Ankara.

Names such as Buika, one of the world's top 50 vocalists, and Salif Keita, known as the "golden voice of Africa", the popular voice of the Balkans Dino Merlin and ECHO Klassik award-winning soprano Anna Prohaska will take the stage at CSO Ada Ankara.

The State Polyphonic Choir, which will perform under the direction of Burak Onur Erdem, will also meet with music lovers with a rich repertoire of works by Brahms, Grieg, Barber and Vaks.

The Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) will accompany world giants on its stage as part of the festival.

Accompanying Maxim Vengerov, who is among the best violinists in the world, in his first concert, the CSO will share the stage with internationally known viola player Özcan Ulucan and pianist Birsen Ulucan under the direction of Conductor Cemi'i Can Deliorman.

In addition, the CSO, who will take the stage under the direction of Chief Renkm Gökmen, will accompany Bomsori Kim, who is among the brightest and most exciting violin virtuosos of the world classical music community, in one of the most exciting concerts of the festival.

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