Bursa Silk, Favorite of HOMETEX 2022 Home Textile Fair

Bursa Ipegi, Favorite of HOMETEX Home Textile Fair
Bursa Silk, Favorite of HOMETEX 2022 Home Textile Fair

BUSMEK, which opened a booth at the HOMETEX – 250 Home Textile Fair, one of the world's largest organizations in the field of home textiles and with the participation of 2022 companies from Bursa, introduced the world-famous Bursa Silk to the participants.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry affiliate KFA Fairs and Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Business People Association in cooperation with HOMETEX – 2022 Home Textile Fair BUSMEK also opened a booth. At the Umurbey Silk Production and Design Center stand within BUSMEK, the stages of Bursa Silk from cocoon to yarn production and carpet weaving were shown to the participants in practice.

Domestic and foreign visitors showed great interest in the BUSMEK stand at the fair, which brought together visitors from all over the world, who are the decision mechanism of sectors such as importers and exporters, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, chain stores, designers, interior architecture, under the same roof.

Participants especially watched the silkworm's adventure from the cocoon to the final product, the string pulling from the cocoon and the live performances on the carpet and fabric weaving looms from silk threads.

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