The Length of Urban Rail Systems Undertaken by the Ministry Exceeded 800 Km

The Length of Urban Rail Systems Undertaken by the Ministry Exceeded the Km
The Length of Urban Rail Systems Undertaken by the Ministry Exceeded 800 Km

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu spoke at the Closed Ministerial Session on the second day of the International Transport Forum (ITF) held in Germany. Noting that a difficult epidemic process is about to be left behind, Karaismailoğlu said that the restrictions brought in this process caused problems in many sectors and once again showed how important it is not to disrupt the supply chain.


Karaismailoğlu said, “With the lessons we have learned from the epidemic and being aware of the fragile points of the system, we should plan the post-covid period and make efforts to make the system more resistant to unexpected shocks. With our determined cooperation for years, we have provided in the field of liberalization kazanOur operations were interrupted by the epidemic. However, during the difficult epidemic period, our cooperation under the umbrella of the ITF is even more important. kazanand especially UBAK permit documents became more preferred with the convenience they brought to the transporters. I think it is very important to develop the UBAK quota system, which provides great convenience for the transporters of member countries and directly contributes to the development of trade between countries, and to bring the road transport system to a higher quality and free structure. In addition, I would like to underline that although we have accepted the Quality Charter and the Quality Charter has been largely complied with, the existing reserves and restrictions in the system are a major obstacle to the progress of the system.”

In this context, Minister of Transport, Karaismailoğlu, emphasized that it is very important for the Ministers to direct the Highway Working Group in order to ensure the development of the UBAK Quota System, and noted that Turkey is ready to make any contribution towards the development of the system.


Minister of Transport, Karaismailoğlu, later attended the Ministerial Open Session with the theme "Governance for Inclusion: the right framework for universal access". Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who shared Turkey's experiences in providing accessible and inclusive transportation for all, continued his speech as follows;

“Accessibility includes all the measures that must be taken in urban services so that all living individuals can access and use all public services without needing anyone, and in short, participate in social life. In this respect, accessibility is the basis of transportation. Because the concept of accessibility is increasingly important in terms of ensuring social equality and welfare in our societies. kazanhe's eating. We consider accessibility as a fundamental issue in every project that Turkey implements. While carrying out these projects, we develop our policies with a holistic approach to provide inclusive, environmentalist, smart and integrated mobility systems. While doing this, we act with a human focus, and work with all our strength to not leave any of our citizens behind. In 2020, which was declared the year of accessibility in our country, we prepared the 'Accessible Transportation Strategy and Action Plan' by working with local governments, private sector, NGOs, academia and all other stakeholders. Effective cooperation with local governments in the execution of accessibility activities is at the forefront of the strategic objectives in our Action Plan. In addition, we attach great importance to improving the accessibility of infrastructure and superstructures and vehicles in all modes of transportation by raising awareness.”


Karaismailoğlu stated that approximately 12 percent of Turkey's population consists of disabled individuals, and that the population over the age of 65 corresponds to 9,5 percent of the total population. Expressing that disabled and elderly citizens can participate in social life and benefit from transportation services under equal conditions and benefit from free or discounted public transportation vehicles in Turkey, Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu stated that the "Mobility mobile application for everyone" project has been developed in order to provide an obstacle-free transportation service. . Providing information about the application, Karaismailoğlu said, "With the application, we aim to meet all the needs of individuals with reduced mobility in all transportation modes, from travel planning to ticketing, from live support module to companion module," he said.


Touching on the importance of sustainable mobility, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu said, “With the lessons we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, we are redesigning our crowded cities to meet all accessibility needs. We, as the government, support our municipalities in three different stages in providing our cities with accessible, safe, efficient, low-emission and emission-free transportation networks. First of all, we provide financial resources and financial support to municipalities' projects such as the preparation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and the implementation of urban smart transportation systems. Secondly, the length of the urban rail systems undertaken by our Ministry in various provinces, from Istanbul to Erzurum, from Izmir to Erzincan, has exceeded 314 kilometers with our investments, 207 kilometers of which as the Ministry has been put into service and 800 kilometers of which are under construction. We do not leave our municipalities alone in the creation of urban transportation infrastructures.”

Underlining that Marmaray, one of the most important projects in the world, connects two continents under the sea, Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu said that it is one of the most original and most important urban transportation projects in the world, built with the latest technology, which is a great solution to the public transportation problem in Istanbul. He said that Marmaray, which is one of the first, is put into the service of Istanbulites and all of Turkey.


Karaismailoğlu said, “Thirdly, we are making plans for both the transportation needs within the country and the transportation needs arising from freight transportation as a country located on the transportation corridor”, adding that Turkey, which is on the way to becoming a logistics superpower, is in the Middle Corridor, an alternative between Asia and Europe. noted that it has turned into a strong logistics and production base. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu said, “Located in the Middle Corridor of the historical silk road stretching from China to London, Turkey's importance in international trade is increasing day by day. The logistical difficulties experienced with The Ever Given Ship in the Suez Canal and the Russia-Ukraine war in the northern corridor of the line increase the demand on the middle corridor. The Middle Corridor, where Turkey is located, is much shorter, economical and safer than the northern and southern lines of the Silk Road. Turkey is at the key point for the Middle Corridor. We have put this key role into the service of our people and the world with the giant projects we have implemented in a planned way, and we will continue to do so. We will continue to connect the world to Turkey. Transport on the corridor increases the traffic load on our cities. While doing all these, we will continue to support our local governments by taking measures to reduce the pressure of transit loads on urban transportation.”

After the sessions, Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu held bilateral meetings.

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