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muge anli
muge anli

Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert are broadcast on ATV screens at 10.00:9 every weekday. The record-breaking television show, hosted by Investigative Journalist Müge Anlı, continues to set Turkey's agenda. Watch Tatlı Sert with Müge Anlı, who solved many events in the program! The close followers of the program, Müge Anlı, went to the live watch screen. Watch the last episode live on Monday, May 2022, XNUMX with Müge Anlı Tatlı Sert on ATV! Watch Müge Anlı live! Watch the new episode of ATV Müge Anlı live broadcast…

Müge Anlı and her team, who have made a name for themselves with many social responsibility projects as well as unsolved incidents and disappearances, lock the audience to the screen every weekday, and their team, by revealing the missing files, the victims of murder and the whole life of the missing, to find them, to find the incidents. continues to illuminate…

In the last part, the loss of Setera Abduleyav was discussed. The search for Dilek Varol, who made a marriage totem, and Edanur Karaca, 18, continues.

Who is Muge Anli?

December 19 1973 in history Istanbul'Müge Anlı, who was born in Turkey, graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication. The year he started Marmara University Faculty of Communication; He started his internship at Kanal 9. While doing his internship, he was recruited in a short time; became assistant director. He started journalism on the proposal of Kenan Erçetingöz.

She presented the magazine program Dobra Dobra with Şenay Düdek. Müge Anlı started presenting a program on Kanal D with Pakize Suda after Şenay Düdek's separation.

He made his real debut with "Tatsy Sert with Müge Anlı", which he started to present in 2008 and which has not fallen off the agenda these days. In 2010, she presented the program "You Have a Letter" with Müge Anlı, as well as Tatlı Sert.

Anlı has a 1993-year-old daughter from her marriage to Journalist Burhan Akdağ, whom she married in 2008 and divorced in 19.

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