National Garden to be Constructed at Atatürk Airport

Nation's Garden to be Built at Ataturk Airport
National Garden to be Constructed at Atatürk Airport

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, made a press statement regarding the national garden to be built in Atatürk Airport in the Capital Nation's Garden.

Stating that they watched the explanations regarding the nation's garden to be built at Atatürk Airport with astonishment and amazement, Minister Murat Kurum stated that they will continue their projects in line with the demands of the nation, as they have done so far.

Minister Kurum reminded that the nation's garden, which was put into service as Turkey's first airport in the 1900s, is on a total area of ​​8,5 million square meters.

Explaining that millions of citizens expressed their discomfort due to the traffic problem, air and noise pollution experienced when it was Atatürk Airport, the Institution pointed out that the Istanbul Airport was built within the scope of the great Turkey vision put forward by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The institution reminded that President Erdoğan shared the good news with the nation that one runway of Atatürk Airport will be left to be used for emergencies and that a total of 5 thousand square meters of green space will be given to Istanbul.

Stating that they started the projects quickly in this context, the Institution said that the project is very important in terms of both urbanism and the environment.

Giving examples from the world regarding the transportation of airports within the city, the Institution said, “The transportation of these facilities is very important in terms of both the fight against climate change, nature and the environment. With the transfer of Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport in 2018, the data say that the traffic density here has been reduced by 30-40 percent. When you look at carbon dioxide emissions again, while there was 2018 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 1, it has now decreased to 75 tons, that is, it has fallen below 10 percent.” he used his words.

Stating that the issue is not a matter of the environment and nature, the Institution said that since the opening, millions of people, young people and children have spent time, cycling and walking in the Başkent Nation Garden.

Minister Kurum said, “We recommend those who abuse Atatürk to come here and visit the Başkent Nation's Garden in Ankara. Here are all the works that Atatürk entrusted to us. They are protected, I hope we will pass them on to our children, to whom we will entrust our future, in the best possible way.” he said.

“More than 1 million citizens will visit daily”

He explained that they moved the 17 stadiums that remained in the city center to the outskirts of the city by building new ones, and that they opened the areas within walking distance of the most precious places of the city in Ankara and Istanbul to the service of the nation.

Pointing out that the national garden to be built at Istanbul Atatürk Airport will be one of the few places in the world in its field, the Institution said that the place, which will be visited by more than 1 million citizens a day, will become the center of attraction for Istanbul.

Underlining that Istanbul is an earthquake zone, the Authority also stated that in case of a possible disaster, this place will serve as a meeting area. Explaining that they try to be with the people wherever there is a disaster and they try to be there whatever the need of the nation, Kurum said, "We honestly do not expect them to understand us because they are not used to it, because they talk about other issues in earthquakes, floods, landslides, and have other purposes." made its assessment.

Stating that the nation's garden to be built in Istanbul will be among the few places in the world in its field, the Institution stated that with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, they will bring the first saplings to the soil and within this scope, 132 thousand 500 saplings will be planted in the nation's garden to be built at Atatürk Airport. The institution said, "At this point, we will continue to carry out our projects both in terms of the environment and in terms of nature protection projects, with determination and determination." said.

Stating that they continue to make investments within the framework of the 2053 vision put forward by President Erdoğan, within the framework of combating climate change, circular economy and green development, Kurum continued as follows:

“We will continue to walk the path with our nation under the leadership of our President, and I hope we will continue to turn Atatürk Airport into a garden of 85 million, an area where all our citizens from 7 to 70 will live here in the spirit of unity and have a good time in the green areas here. . At this point, I wish that our national garden, the green corridor we will build at Atatürk Airport, our ecology corridor, will be beneficial to the 85 million large Turkish family in Istanbul.”

The institution then answered the questions of the journalists.

In response to the questions of how much green areas will be and how many trees will be planted in the national garden to be built at Atatürk Airport, the Authority stated that the entire area can be called green space. Stating that even the walking paths will be built with natural materials, the Institution said, “We are building 5 million 36 thousand square meters of the area in the first place, of which 95 percent will be green space. Areas for our children to play and bike rides… We will have feasts here. Our young people will come to this area and we will organize concerts together. We will commemorate Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In our museum there, our children will learn about our planes at Turkey's first airport and the stories of our pilots there. All the ports there remain. They are after a perception that Atatürk Airport is being demolished. Atatürk Airport is not demolished, on the contrary, Atatürk Airport is given to our nation. Atatürk Airport is being built and restored.” he said.

The institution stated that they have thought about the project in every detail and designed it to create a green corridor where carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced to zero, and stated that they will present this project to the nation on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, as they promised.

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