Antalya Yörük Turkmen Festival Begins Friday, May 6

Antalya Yoruk Turkmen Festival Begins on Friday, May
Antalya Yörük Turkmen Festival Begins Friday, May 6

The Yörük Turkmen Festival, which will be organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, starts on Friday, May 6, with the nomadic migration. During the 3-day festival, the nomadic culture will be kept alive in all its aspects. For those who want to attend the festival, where Musa Eroğlu, Kubat and Zara will give concerts as well as dance ensembles and local artists, public transport will provide free transportation to the festival area every two hours from different points of the city.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to host the Turkish world at the International Antalya Yörük Turkmen Festival. While the final preparations continue for the festival that will bring together thousands of Yörüks from Antalya, Turkey and abroad between 6-7-8 May, President Muhittin Insect invited all Antalya residents to the festival that will be held with a wide international participation.

Colorful Events

The Yörük Turkmen Festival, which will provide a cultural feast for 400 days in the festival area established on an area of ​​​​approximately 3 acres in the At Çayırı Mevkii of the Solaklı District of Aksu District, will begin with the laying of a wreath at the Atatürk Monument on Friday, May 6 at 10.30:14.00. After a moment of silence and the National Anthem, the Yoruk Migration Walk will be held until Karaalioğlu Park. On the same day, at 3, activities will begin in the festival area. During the XNUMX days of the festival, there will be a javelin show, wrestling on horseback, war games, archery shows and folk dances.

Free Transportation to the Festival Area

At the festival, which will be enriched with the participation of 29 countries, provinces and district municipalities, associations and cooperatives, the Yörük culture, which has made Anatolia its home for a thousand years and has a deep-rooted past, will be kept alive in all its aspects. For those who want to participate in the festival, free transportation will be provided on the Uncalı-Expo, Liman-Expo, Döşemealtı-Expo and Metropolitan Municipality-Expo lines every two hours starting from 09.00 in the morning. From the festival area, starting at 13.00, the vehicle will depart every two hours to return. The final return vehicle will depart after the last event in the festival area.

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