Another First in Konya! Turnstile Bus Stop

Another First Turnstile Bus Station in Konya
Another First in Konya! Turnstile Bus Stop

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, with the turnstile system installed at Kültürpark bus stops, prevented the traffic density along the street and ensured driver and pedestrian safety, while at the same time reducing the daily waiting time of the buses at the stop by 518 minutes.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to increase the quality of public transportation.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which sets an example in the field of public transportation with its human-oriented planning approach, has recently installed a turnstile system at Kültürpark bus stops within the scope of sustainable transportation.

The turnstile system, which aims to prevent the traffic density at Kültürpark bus stops and to provide a safer environment for other drivers and pedestrians in traffic, facilitates the alternative line preferences of passengers by combining bus lines with similar routes in the same turnstile. Thanks to the system, citizens, who have a more comfortable journey by shortening their boarding times, can get on and off more safely instead of passing through the dense parking lot created by the buses.

With the turnstile system installed at Kültürpark stops, which is the biggest transfer center of Konya with 68 lines, 1.656 flights and 22 thousand passengers daily, the waiting time of the buses decreased by 518 minutes per day. While the fuel consumption of buses decreases; Within the scope of the system, carbon emissions were reduced by 55 thousand 663 grams, contributing to the protection of the environment.

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