Air Temperatures Increased, İzmir Fire Brigade Established Forest Waiting Points

Air Temperatures Increased Izmir Fire Brigade Created Forest Waiting Point
Air Temperatures Increased, İzmir Fire Brigade Established Forest Waiting Points

With the increase in air temperatures, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department was alarmed. Firefighters, who will respond to possible fires as soon as possible with the Forest Waiting Point and Intelligent Warning System, have been placed on duty.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to intervene in possible forest fires early. With the increase in air temperatures, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department established fire brigade guard stations in 7 districts to protect forest villages against forest fires.

Emphasizing the importance of the first response to the fire, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head İsmail Derse said, “We are racing against time. Forest fires first start with the cover and continue to the trunk and branch fires. When it reaches branch fires, it spreads rapidly, especially when the cones reach a certain temperature and explode and dry branches, causing the fire to grow.

Cooperation for firefighting as soon as possible

Expressing that they have developed an Intelligent Warning System with the Information Processing Department to cope with forest fires and early intervention, Derse said, "In 12 radio towers in the city, 46 percent of the forest areas are equipped with real-time image processing technology (artificial intelligence) and cameras that monitor 24 hours a day. we are following. In addition, we delivered 57 tankers this year and 65 tankers the previous year. We delivered a total of 313 tankers to our villages with the tankers coming from the closed Special Provincial Administration. In this way, we can respond to fires in forest villages with the cooperation of headmen and specially trained volunteers, with the training they receive from firefighters and firefighters.

Attention to protect from forest fires!

Derse, who also warned citizens to be protected from forest fires, said, "It is forbidden to enter the picnic and recreation areas with materials such as pipes and barbecues that can cause fire. This needs a lot of attention. 48 percent of fires are caused by cigarette butts. Please do not throw cigarette butts, matches and other tobacco products out of moving vehicles or anywhere in parking lots. Make sure you only throw butts in designated places. Follow local regulations when burning household waste. Avoid starting a backyard fire in windy conditions and keep a shovel, water and fire extinguisher nearby to keep the flames under control. If citizens see an unattended or out-of-control fire, they can immediately contact the Emergency Call Center by dialing '112' and sending a picture to the 'Fire Warning Line' and the Emergency İzmir Application. I hope it will be a fire free season. Do not let these beautiful forests and our lungs burn. We expect all our citizens to be sensitive," he said.

Where are the platoon and guard posts?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, which works 30 hours a day, 57 days a week with 1095 Fire Brigades, 293 personnel and 7 vehicles in 24 districts, in order to respond quickly to fires in forest villages and rural areas, Yukarıbey in Bergama, Kaymakçı and Gölcük in Ödemiş, Ahmetbeyli in Menderes , Buca's Kırıklar, Balçova's Cable Car, Karaburun's Küçükbahçe areas have created guard points.

After the fires in the previous years, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality established the Forest Villages and Rural Area Fires Branch Directorate for the first time in Turkey.

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