Who is Ahmet Ağaoğlu? Where is Ahmet Ağaoğlu from?

Who is ahmet agaoglu how old is ahmet agaoglu
Who is ahmet agaoglu how old is ahmet agaoglu

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Ahmet Ağaoğlu was born in Trabzon. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty in 1979. Ahmet Ağaoğlu has no kinship with businessman Ali Ağaoğlu. However Kabataş They studied together in Boys' High School. Ahmet Ağaoğlu is a long distance ship captain.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu started playing golf at Klassis Golf Club in 1996. In 2000, he was elected President of the Golf Federation. Ahmet Ağaoğlu, who remained in this position until 2004, played an active role in the establishment of the Golf National Team.

In 2004, Ağaoğu initiated the launch of the 2,5 Golf Courses in 4 Years campaign with the aim of generating 100 billion dollars in revenue from golf tourism in Turkey. led the way.

During the reign of Ahmet Ağaoğlu, who was re-elected as the President of the Federation at the end of 2004, the Turkish Golf National Team experienced significant successes. The number of licensed athletes, which was around 2000 in 70, increased to 2009 in 5,500. At the end of 2008, he was re-elected as the President of the Turkish Golf Federation for a period of 4 years.

Ağaoğlu, who became the manager of Trabzonspor Management under the presidency of Sadri Şener in 1993, served as the Vice President during the Özkan Sümer term between 2000-2002.

Ahmet Ali Ağaoğlu became the new president of Trabzonspor, leaving behind his rival Metin Kaya at the 8rd General Assembly of Trabzonspor Club held on April 2018, 73.

Ağaoğlu speaks English, is married and has two children. Ahmet Ağaoğlu is 64 years old.

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