Who is Kemençe Master Ekin Uzunlar? Where is he from and how old is he?

Who is Ekin Uzunlar
Who is Ekin Uzunlar

Ekin Uzunlar, who was also admired for her sympathetic attitude, was the guest of the IBO Show tonight with her sincere comments. The life of Ekin Uzunlar, who established a throne in the hearts of the audience with the song "Köptum Nefesinden", is curious. So, who is Ekin Uzunlar, how old is she, where is she from? Here is the information about Ekin Uzunlar.. Who is Ekin Uzunlar, how old is she, where is she from? Information about Ekin Uzunlar is in this article…

Ekin Uzunlar, the beloved voice of the Black Sea music, is among the guests of the 4 May 2022 program of the Ibo Show, which was screened on Star TV. Ekin Uzunlar, one of the most listened talents of recent times with the Black Sea songs she sang with her kemenche, also draws attention with her sincere and sincere interpretations.

Ekin Uzunlar was born on August 21, 1991. His father is an Albanian immigrant and his mother is from Çaykara. He started his artistic life by rubbing two boards together at a young age, with the support of his uncle. kazanHe started playing the violin from the age of 8. He has revealed his own style by synthesizing the authentic music of today's Black Sea with western music. He reached wide audiences with his songs such as Oy Benim Sevduceğum and Son Bir Kez. He accompanied the songs of 2011's Sümela'nin Cipher and 2015's Bizim Hikaye with his kemençe. The young singer is 1,80 m tall.

Ekin Uzunlar
Ekin Uzunlar

Ekin Uzunlar Songs

  • I Kissed Your Breath
  • Huznün Gemileric
  • I'm coming mate
  • Last time
  • We came to the eye
  • Dungeon
  • Hear my voice
  • Hediye
  • My heart couldn't get used to it
  • Let them know you are the name
  • You Are My Biggest Sin
  • Bahar (Mustafa Ceceli duet)
  • I'm Black (Sinan Akçıl duet)

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